5 things to do before summer ends

There are at least five things to do before this summer ends. Low cost and fun tips, to be with friends and enjoy this beautiful and hot summer to the fullest. From concerts to sporting events.

We are now ad August and still many have not gone on vacation, others have not finished their exams but many have already started their summer.

Here are a few advice, entertainment and things to do before the summer ends and if you manage to do a couple of these things you can say that you have spent agreat summer. In case you can't do these things I suggest, you can always add some of them and maybe let us know in the comments too. So next time instead of 5 things, let's do a nice 10 things to do before summer ends;)

1. Go to a concert in the Dolomites

I sounds of the Dolomites is the event that takes place every year in the Dolomites. Concerts and music combined with a passion for the mountains and trekking, appointments on the site from the beginning of July to the end of August, the event always ends with a mega concert. I suggest you go and see the program immediately and frame a date in order to take at least one of the many concerts offered.

2. A girls-only surf school

Il Rip Curl Girls Tour is an event organized to teach surfing to young girls, but not only, also to compete and have fun. A sort of tour around Italy and sometimes Europe, depends on the years, in the most interesting areas for surfers. A camp that offers girls who want to learn new things to have fun, play sports and make friends, to go home in September tanned and with many friends already made.

3. Take a last minute flight

For an inexpensive vacation with a little splurge, book a last minute last minute or last second it is the best way for a low cost holiday, perhaps for some exotic destination. A cheap stay is what it takes to end the summer in style, but above all the surprise we have is that adrenaline rush after a flat summer, perhaps spent working or reading books.

4. Go to a concert event

It's not summer without a big concert. Whether on the Spanish beaches, in Salento or in Marina di Ravenna, at least a summer concert must be done. If you are a fan of rock music and you like to tour the concerts in the stadiums, the real ones, the big ones, every summer you are spoiled for choice. From the rock stars in Rome to the artists of our house in Milan, between June and August the open air concerts - hoping it won't rain - are one of the most beautiful things. Obviously to be done in company, even with trusted friends.

5. On the beach from morning to late at night

There are many beaches that offer sunbeds and spaces for sunbathing and at night they turn into beautiful places with DJ sets, music and lots of fun. From Desenzano on Lake Garda with the Coco Beach Club Marina di Ravenna with the Dune of the Bears to the Marano beach in Riccione with the Mojito Beach up to the Gulf of Naples where it is located Nabilah. Just to give some examples.

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