Sandwich shops in Parma, the focaccia by Frank Focaccia

Frank Focaccia, in the city center, is one of the most popular places to eat a sandwich in Parma. Round and soft focaccia, stuffed as you like, in the post the prices and opening hours of the restaurant.

For me every time I go by Frank Focaccia it's a party. Even before arriving, already fantastic on the ingredients with which I will fill mine, but more likely my two round and hot focaccias, of such a soft consistency that they melt in the mouth.

Frank Focaccia is an institution a Parma when it comes to sandwiches. It is located in the center of the city, in Piazzale San Lorenzo, a beautiful square with low and colorful buildings all around. You can eat inside, in one of the two rooms, or in the outdoor veranda. In the summer, eating out is even more enjoyable. The environment is very informal, with wooden tables.

If you prefer, you can also order the takeaway focaccia. But beware: don't call it fast food. Here, in fact, as the menu recalls, there are gods times to be respected, because all the ingredients are very fresh and the focaccias are prepared there.

Moreover, being very popular, it is almost always a popular place. So, some advice. Sit down, order a beer and wait patiently to enjoy your delicious focaccia. Speaking of beers, there is a good selection of beers here draft and bottled beers.

Focaccia for all tastes

You can order your focaccia the way you want, with all the combinations of meats, cheeses, vegetables and sauces homemade that your imagination suggests.

Frank Focaccia's menu has many pages. And in fact, choosing is not easy. In order not to be mistaken, order more than one. Two if you are normally hungry, 3 if you are very hungry.

And if you are really greedy, you can end on a sweet note with one focaccia with nutella. It goes without saying how good it is.

The focaccia by Frank Focaccia (Frank for friends) are small and round. Greasy to the right point, soft and crunchy on the sides. They have been prepared directly by them for years and for me they are the best that can be eaten in Parma.

Prices and opening hours

The price for focaccia is approximately EUR 3, then it depends on the ingredients chosen.

Frank Focaccia is open from Tuesday to Sunday, for both lunch and dinner. The closing day is Monday.

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