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Holidays in San Teodoro in Sardinia advice on what to see and what to do.

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San Teodoro Sardinia

San Teodoro is a very small town of about 5000 inhabitants which is located in the historic Gallura region in Sardinia.

The town was born at the foot of Monte Abate and takes its name from the church dedicated to Roman soldier Theodore of Amasea who, at the time, was martyred during the persecution of Diocletian.

It is currently one of the most popular tourist locations in Sardinia thanks to its immense natural beauty, to its incredible beaches and its numerous and excellent ones accommodation.

What to see in San Teodoro and surroundings

In the town of San Teodoro have been found finds and traces of prehistoric frequentations of age Nuragic and age Neolithic.

La testimony of the Nuragic age it is given to us, in fact, by two nuraghi (they are stone constructions with a truncated cone shape that are found scattered only on the Sardinian territory) which are located in the borgata Naracheddu and on the border between San Teodoro e Budoni (Nuraghe of Entosu).

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Others places of interest in San Teodoro and surroundings I'm:

  • Church of San Teodoro - In Teodoro center
  • Museum of the civilization of San Teodoro – San Teodoro Center
  • Punta Molara educational garden – Saint Theodore
  • Cliffs of Capo Cavallo – Saint Theodore
  • Saracen Tower - Santa Lucia di Siniscola

  • Castello della Fava – Posada
  • Coastal Tower of San Giovanni and Church on the Sea - San Giovanni, Posada
  • Tavolara Cemetery, Ancient Lime Kilns and Tomb of the King of Tavolara - Tavolara Island
  • Santu Miali Archaeological Area - Father

San Teodoro Cheap Hotels

Despite being very small, the town of San Teodoro hosts many accommodation who manage to satisfy the needs of all tourists.

Let's see what the best budget hotels in San Teodoro:

Hotel Le Mimose San Teodoro

THELe Mimose Hotel it is located at the entrance to the town and is small and comfortable.

La structure well maintained and cared for, it has 34 rooms, a private pool and it is the place for families with small children e pairs who want to relax among the beaches and the splendid setting of San Teodoro.

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Hotel Le Mimose San Teodoro it is located in Via Nazionale, 32 Tel (+39) 0784 865763.

Hotel Al Faro San Teodoro

THEHotel Al Faro it comes with a very simple and sober structure where you can spend your own holidays in San Teodoro.

The structure has rooms furnished in traditional Sardinian style, offers Free WIFI and is located very close to the splendid La Cinta beach.

Hotel Al Faro San Teodoro it is located in Via del Tirreno, 4 Tel (+39) 0784 865665.

La Palma San Teodoro hotel

THE3 star hotel La Palma comes with one structure very comfortable located in a very quiet and peaceful location.

La structure has rooms furnished with simplicity and all comfort e Skills needed to spend a quiet holiday in San Teodoro.

La Palma San Teodoro hotel it is located in Via del Tirreno Tel (+39) 5962. 0784 865962.

Others Cheap hotels in San Teodoro I'm:

  • Hotel Stella Marina - Via Sardegna, 16 Tel (+39) 0784 865460.
  • Hotel Costa Caddu - Località Costa Caddu Tel (+39) 0784 866108.
  • Hotel Lu Pitrali - Via Lu Pitrali Località Monte Petrosu Tel (+39) 0784 835228.
  • Hotel Scintilla - Via di Lu Rattali, 11 Tel (+39) 0784 865519.

Cheap San Teodoro B&B

Here are some of the best bed and brakfast economici di San Teodoro:

  • Gallospot B&B - Location La Suaredda Tel (+39) 0784 865155.
  • Le Dune B&B - Location La Traversa Tel (+39) 349 4157336.
  • Tamira B & B - Via Nazionale, 79 Tel (+39) 347 6406262.
  • Il Viandante B&B – Via Cala d'Ambra, 8 Tel (+39) 0784 865407.
  • Eldvin B&B - Via Rinaggiu, 17 Tel (+39) 340 9793147.

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San Teodoro Sardinia pictures and photos

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