Ruin Pub in Budapest, the best pubs in ruins

    The Ruin Pubs in Budapest are ruined pubs that can only be found in the Hungarian city, there are about ten of them and it is a must to visit at least a few.

    One of the coolest things to do in Budapest, if you are young, love the nightlife or just want to see the Ruin Pub, is to go around to see and drinking in ruined pubs.

    Ruin Pub in Budapest, the best pubs in ruins

    The ruin pubs, the ruin pubs, are all concentrated in one area, to be precise we are in the Jewish quarter and the three streets in which these pubs are located are: via Kazinczy, via Akác, via Nagydiófa. They are frequented both by foreigners but also by many locals and at the entrance of some of these you will also find the classic bouncers. Do not be scared, it is only a matter of internal order. There is no entry fee and beer and cocktails in general are very cheap.

    Why are ruined pubs so called? In reality the story is not very "ancient". In 2001 the first Szimpla café was born, a café made with re-adapted objects, a sort of recycling of furniture here. After a few years the same owners decide to open the much better known Szimpla kert, which we have already talked about extensively in another post.

    Ruin Pub in Budapest, the best pubs in ruins
    From that moment, given the great success, many opened similar cafes and pubs, so much so that fashion expands and reaches Berlin where today another Szimplakert headquarters is located.

    Today the ruined pubs are a great place to go have fun in the evening, meet with friends and have a chat. They are not really discos, here the music is not deafening at all, but places to relax and have a drink with friends or even family. They are now also a small attraction of the city of Budapest and it is not difficult to find tourists intent on taking pictures of the rooms of the ruined pubs. It must be said that some are furnished in an original way and in any case with taste.

    Ruin Pub in Budapest, the best pubs in ruins

    Furthermore, here the price of cocktails and beers, as in all of Hungary, is really low. The prices are the same as other pubs or clubs in the city and are not higher just because the place is fashionable or more popular. A medium beer, for example comes 1.60€, you can drink all the beers you want and with € 5 be more than satisfied. It is worth visiting at least two or three even in the same evening as they are all very close. Let's see the most famous together.

    Szimpla kert, Kazinczy u. 14
    Instant, Nagymező u. 38
    Grandio Bar, Nagy Diófa u. 8
    Kuplung, Király u. 46
    Fogas ház, Akácfa u. 51
    Kőleves kert, Kazinczy u. 37-39
    Mix Art, Mikszáth Kálmán tér 3
    Corvin tető, Blaha Lujza tér 1-2

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