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    Sleep low cost in Zanzibar even in August

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    A low cost trip to Zanzibar thanks to the Sunset Kendwa Beach Bungalow resort located on Kendwa beach, the most beautiful of the whole island of Tanzania. Come read the hotel review and book your vacation in Africa.

    You say "Lion King" and you think: Hakuna Mataka. "Thoughtless”Is precisely the motto of the Zanzibari population. On the small island, life flows inexorably, but it is impossible to get bored. Looking at a simple map, it seems that this magnificent island in front of Tanzania does not exist. It is a little gem ofIndian Ocean and anyone who goes there will be fascinated by it, as happened to me.

    Why visit Zanzibar

    Zanzibar is an archipelago off the east coast of Tanzania. It consists of two main islands: Unguja, commonly known as Zanzibar, and Pemba, a real paradise where mass tourism is almost unknown. It is a real union between colors, scents and a very special way of life.

    Deciding to undertake this trip independently in one of the most expensive times of the year (August) was not an easy task. In fact, many resorts - in addition to being full of tourists (tranquility is lacking) - are very expensive.

    Sunset Kendwa, Zanzibar

    So I decided to rely on the Sunset Kendwa Beach Bungalow Hotel in Kendwa beach, the most beautiful on the island. The hotel is run exclusively by local people, so there are very few Italians, on the contrary there are many young guys from all over the world (adventurers more than tourists).

    Being managed by Zanzibari, the cleanliness of the hotel is obviously not a luxury resort, but I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent comfort found. Of course, if what you are looking for is great cleanliness and Italian food, this is not the place for you. If on the other hand, you are young guys with adaptability, curious to discover the true taste of Zanzibar, book immediately. The appearance of the hotel is a bit neglected, it looks a bit sad seeing it at first, especially in the evening, the lighting inside the village is poor. But you will surely have an authentic experience.

    A beachfront bungalow

    The one I had chosen as accommodation was a beach bungalow. From my small veranda I could see the sea, in the evening the moon kept me company while reading a good book. The type of rooms are either bungalows exclusively on the beach or apartments within the village. In the bungalow, the room and bathroom only comfortable and many large, the only negative is a bit of humidity, being on the beach.

    Sunset Kendwa Zanzibar: the atmosphere

    The Bungalows are furnished in traditional style with local furniture, canopy bed with mosquito net (necessary) and air conditioning, as well as having a safe. From the room you can hear the sound of the sea and a pleasant chat of guys around a bonfire. I must say that it was all very pleasant.

    The hotel it does not have an entertainment service at any time of the day. The village does not have a swimming pool, but you will see that you will not miss it. In this beach the sea is incredible from every point of view. I arrived in the evening around 19.30, after an 8-hour direct flight from Rome to Zanzibar. In August, however, in Zanzibar, at 19.30 the sun was already greeting us, and I was left with the curiosity to see the sea. To my amazement, in the morning, I discovered a breathtaking view: beautiful crystal blue sea, a magnificent clean and large beach, all surrounded by huge palm trees full of coconut. A dream.

    The hotel has a piece of private beach where, provided by the customers, there are sunbeds, obviously free and one Internet connection working. Available to customers is the Bikini bar, always open, where you can sip excellent fresh fruit cocktails: coconut, mango, papaya and banana, it depends a little on the season in which you visit the island; or maybe taste the famous “kilimanjaro” beer.

    The Sunset Kendwa Zanzibar features a dive center: the scuba dive for sports activities, obviously bookable on site.
    The breakfast is instead a bit poor if we imagine the classic hotel buffets, but it always offers fresh fruit, yogurt, hot bread and jam in addition to the classic international breakfast. Hygiene is a bit to be reviewed, but on the other hand, in Italy, the standard is very high. The restaurant in addition to serving traditional cuisine Swaili it offers international specialties, considering the great variety of tourists who stay there.

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