Street food to try in Budapest

There are many varieties of street food in Budapest, available in both markets and food trucks. Here is a short guide to the typical specialties not to be missed.

During my last trip to Budapest, last Christmas, I was struck by the great variety of street food available in all areas of the city. The scent of food spreads through the streets and it is impossible to resist the temptation to try at least one of the many typical products.

In addition to the usual Christmas stalls, I found areas dedicated to street food, those with colored trucks, each of which specialized in a particular dish.

Street food in Budapest, what to eat

There are so many options: international choices, burgers, foods for those who follow one vegan or vegetarian diet, fish. But today I will tell you about typical street food to try in Budapest, the most famous local specialties that you cannot miss during a trip to this beautiful city.


Perhaps the most classic street food in Budapest is there Hungarian flatbread. Langos is basically a tasty deep-fried pizza usually topped with cheese and sour cream. There are also variations with ham or sausage. You can find it in markets and stalls around the city.


Another street food in Budapest is sausages. Here they do them in many variations: pork, beef and chicken. They are often very spicy, with the addition of garlic, paprika and pepper.


A very good typical Hungarian dessert, also called fireplace cake. It could be described as a yeasted and sweetened puff pastry cannoli, cooked on a spit and freshly prepared. The sugar, cooked in the fire, becomes crunchy and caramelized. To make it more greedy it comes covered with chocolate, vanilla, almonds or cinnamon, depending on your preferences, while the interior remains empty.


Simple but always appreciated street food, similar to German pretzel. It is a pretzel that can be of different sizes.


Pretzels with cheese, potatoes, rind, butter or smoked ham inside the dough.

Sajtos roló

Irresistible puff pastry rolls filled with lots of cheese cut into strips.


Similar to a crepe, but without butter, made with flour, milk and eggs. In Budapest there are shops called "palacsintázó" that prepare different versions, both sweet and savory and with various ingredients.


Certainly goulash is not a street food and can be found in all typical Budapest restaurants. But often you can find it in markets or stalls, served in bread. A dish that warms up, especially appreciated in winter, when it's very cold outside.

Goulash, for those unfamiliar with it, is one beef-based soup or veal, onions, tomatoes and spices. Even in this case, however, there are many variations. If only reading has made your mouth water, you just have to go and try the specialties of street food in Budapest for yourself!

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