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    The best thermal baths in Budapest

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    I thermal baths in Hungary there are really many, there are about 300, but its sources are more than a thousand. Budapest, in its small way, it is no exception and has a hundred thermal springs and 30 are its curative establishments, rich in calcium, magnesium and sulphate.

    Some springs date back to Roman times, others were discovered by the Turks. The spas are great for a while Relax, to treat rheumatism or heart disease. But there is also room for all those who want to spend some time away from work and stress, simply regenerating a little. The two main spas in Budapest are the Szechenyi baths which is located in Pest in Allatkerti 11. Open every day from May to September from 6 am to 19 pm, while from October to April open from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 17 pm. costume is required and if you forget to bring it you can rent one on site.

    Another splendid spa facility is in Buda, Szent Gellert ter 1, the Gellert Baths. This facility is open every day from May to September from 6.30am to 19pm, while from 6am to 19pm from October to April and on weekends from 6am to 17pm. This establishment is the most famous in Budapest but at the same time also the most tourist. L'input it costs € 10, but if you enter after 17pm you will expect a reduction, which reaches 10% if you have the Budapest Card.

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