Fruccola, juice bar in Budapest also for celiacs

    Fruccola is the name of two small juice bars in the center of Pest. You can go there for breakfast, lunch or just when you need to rest your feet after a long walk and refresh yourself with a good fresh fruit juice.

    I have been in Kristof Tér, the place is not very big, but definitely cozy, with large and small tables, sofas and newspapers to browse. At the entrance you are greeted by a beautiful display case where excellent products are displayed sandwiches fresh products that certainly go against all tastes, along the counter are then found brioche and cakes for the sweet tooth, while for those who are more attentive to the line immediately after there are all the possible ingredients for your big salad perfect to compose at the moment, behind the counter is printed the menu in large letters (also in English; D). Along the opposite wall instead there is a fridge display where you can serve yourself when you are in a hurry: salads, Sandwich and fruit salads prepared shortly before are ready to take away.

    The menu is very varied: starting from the many “juices” offered, which are the house specialty, simple, with yogurt, giants, sparkling, bio, frozen and so on and so forth! All starting from 290 FT (1€) up to a maximum of 1990 ft (less than 7€) for 1 liter of juice. Even breakfast alone can put you in crisis, the proposals are really many, including the simple "Italian" menus with cappuccino, brioche and juice (a less than 4 €!!) to get to the most complete english breakfast, passing through yogurt & muesli. If choosing breakfast is a challenge, lunch for me, as an eternal indecisive, created even more problems: sandwiches, toast, salads, pasta and unique dishes, all fresh and often "customizable".

    Fruccola is definitely not the place to try typical Hungarian dishes but it is also an excellent stop because you are sure to find fresh ingredients, at good prices and with a lot of choice. To underline is the great importance that is given to intolerances and allergies, with the possibility to choose different types of milk and the indication of vegetarian dishes e gluten free. A little foresight that many people think can be useful.

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