Rome in 3 days tips

I went to Rome for three days with my boyfriend, but we didn't stop for a moment and we followed the directions of a friend of ours who proposed us a very perfect program.

How to visit Rome in three days tips and advice on what to see

1 ° Day

visit Saint Peter Square, entry into the basilica and ascent (on foot) to the dome with an incredible view.

From San Pietro we moved on foot to the Vatican Museums.

Wait about an hour, but it was really worth it.

The visit to the museums did not last more than two hours, by definition I am against staying longer in a museum, I prefer to go back several times.

Quick lunch in a small restaurant a few steps from the Vatican Museums (I think it's called something like the "Bersagliere") and then straight to the center of Via del Corso.

Long walk that started from Villa Borghese and touched: Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, Pantheon e Navona Square.

Castel Gandolfo where you can eat well and spend little

Towards evening, around 19.30 pm, we stopped to eat in a famous pizzeria in Corso Vittorio (some friends had told me about it) called Montecarlo and they serve you the real Roman pizza in a Spartan way, but very tasty.

22.00 already at home, in a small apartment near Castel S. Angelo (via paola), very nice and booked with an agency that offers holiday homes in Rome recommended by a friend of mine who had been here a few months ago: Leonhouses.

They have several Rome vacation rentals and it was a really good solution.

2 ° Day

visit Coliseum (impressive) and ai Imperial Forums which rightly took the whole morning.

This time light lunch with a sandwich and then entrance to the Capitoline Museums, piazza del Capitol Hill.

From which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Piazza Venezia (Terrace of the museum bar) and an unusual one (from above) of the Roman forums on the other side.

After the museum we relaxed walking through the center heading to Trastevere where Francesco, this dear friend of mine from Rome, joined us and took us to dinner at “Bir and Fud”, a pizzeria with exceptional Spanish beers and ingredients.

Trastevere is also splendid, stalls, people of all kinds, restaurants, wineries, pubs, ... everything I imagined and much more.

3 ° Day

I would have liked to dedicate it entirely to shopping, but in the end we decided to use part of the morning to visit Sant'Angelo castel and we have not regretted it.

The atmosphere is very special, starting with the slow climb through a staircase made up of long and thin steps, probably the only way to get the horses up.

Visit Monte Sant'Angelo: What to see, Sanctuary and what to buy

La terrace of Castel S. Angelo it is also very nice, I recommend stopping for a sandwich or a coffee at the bar.

In the afternoon we then strolled down a street (I don't remember the name) full of clothing shops between Castel S. Angelo and the Vatican and then set off in the evening towards Bologna.

What else to add?

Rome is a fantastic city among the most beautiful and enchanting in the world.

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