Washington, what to see in one day in the United States

What to see in Washington in one day, how to get from other cities, where to stay and where to eat, read the post and book your low cost holiday in the United States.

I came to Washington one morning in August, after two weeks of touring the East Coast, between New York, Boston and Cape Cod. It must be said that my arrival was not the best: 10 hour bus trip (praise megabus, with 50 dollars he took me from one part of the East Coast to the other) from Boston, scorching heat already at 11 in the morning and so on and so forth.

Once I got off the bus, however, I immediately breathed the air of the big city. And I don't use the expression "big city" in the strict sense, the world is full of big cities: Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo .. when we talk about Washington, this expression indicates all the majesty and history contained in the inside.

I anticipate that Washington can be done safely visit in three days, it's a city that doesn't take too long, it's certainly not New York, for example. I stayed overnight atOne Washington Circle, a very nice hotel, also equipped with a small swimming pool open until 10 in the evening. They gave us a wonderful room, with a king bed huge, at $ 150 for two nights and booking only two days in advance. In addition, the hotel is a 15-minute walk from what can be considered the "historic center" of the city and about twenty minutes from Georgetown, the slightly younger (and perhaps even a bit hipster) neighborhood. ).

In my opinion, to really understand this city and its greatness, you have to start from the very first moment a get lost in its streets: huge, with even larger historic buildings and without any skyscraper. Here, one of the things that struck me most was the fact of the total absence of skyscrapers, it almost doesn't even seem to be in the USA.

After getting lost for a while, it's time to start getting into the heart of the story: it's time for a stroll to National Mall. The National Mall is a part of Washington where there are various monuments representing memorials dedicated to characters or historical events: the two extremes of this walk, 3 km long, are represented by the Lincoln memorial, a stunning altar dedicated to the president and Capitol Hill, the seat of the congress of the United States congress. Along these two points are the other monuments.

Not to be missed are the Korea War Monument, made entirely of stone, representing the soldiers, from which emerges in its fullness the sense of pain and suffering experienced by the soldiers during the war; the Vietnam War Monument, a black marble wall, on which the names of American soldiers who died in Vietnam are engraved; the World War II Memorial, which instead fully expresses US military power. In addition to these monuments, a quick visit to the White House, residence of the President. Another thing that I found beautiful was the National air and space museum in which there are parts and models of aircraft and missiles that have made the history of the aerospace world.

One last thing: if by any chance you want to eat Mexican while you are in Washington, you should definitely go to Oyamel, a restaurant near the National Mall that makes one of the best guaca mole I've ever eaten.

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