Pumpkin festival on the table in Cremona, discovering traditions

    This is the period in which the Cremonese cuisine manages to give the best of itself, most of the ingredients used are characteristic of autumn or in any case the dishes are definitely suitable for the colder season. It is not for nothing that it is now that the initiatives of events proliferate, tastings, thematic routes and the like.

    Here I want to tell you about the Pumpkin Festival on the table which takes place between October 28 and November 4, just in the period of the bridge, during which you can taste this fantastic ingredient in some proposed menus (or even simply in some special dishes added to those usually proposed) by the most important restaurants in Cremona and its province.

    Prices vary, depending on the structure, between € 20 and € 45, if I had to recommend one of these restaurants for sure I would name "La Crepa" in Isola Dovarese, it has the most expensive menu but it is certainly worth it for the quality of the dishes.

    During this period there is also the possibility to participate in other events organized as part of All roads lead to taste, October 28 in Soncino or November 4 in Pizzighettone and Crema, days dedicated to the discovery of history, traditions and cuisine of this area of ​​the province of Cremona.

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