'P. Wine Tasting' in Rimini

    'P. Wine Tasting' in Rimini

    Inevitable, like every year, it returns P. Wine Tasting and will have the millennial as a location Tiberius Bridge and the surroundings.

    The event will take place on the weekend of 12 and 13 July and is dedicated to DOC wines from the entire province of Rimini in collaboration with Wine Route and the flavors of the hills of Rimini. Naturally, there will also be moments of music and finger food in addition to many Rimini wineries, to cheer the walk that will take you from one wine 'station' to another, tasting however in a measured and conscious way.

    Next week the panel of events that will frame the event will be updated and we can't wait to 'taste' some news in the panorama of Bacchus nectars and wander around with a red or 'yellow' glass in hand. Meanwhile, here is the website of the event, waiting for the program to be put online as soon as possible: www.passaggidivino.provincia.rimini.it

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