Sardinia out of season: three days in Alghero with a baby girl

Tips for a relaxing trip to Sardinia with the whole family in the best time to visit it: calmly and away from mass tourism.

I don't know about you but I love it Sardinia. Besides, might someone not like it? I do not believe.

But what is more beautiful than Sardinia? There Sardinia out of season, when there are few tourists, the sun is hot but does not burn and everything is much slower and more relaxing.

We wanted to take a "trip" out of town at Easter with our new baby of 6 months and Sardinia, Alghero in particular, it was a more than apt choice. We booked the flight with Ryanair, paying around € 200 in three (with Ryanair children up to 2 years pay only a flat rate of € 25 - one more reason to travel with them!). The idea was to have three days as relaxing as possible, between the city center, excursions, beaches and food, delicious food. And so it was. The following is a three days tour of Alghero and its surroundings, highly recommended, even with children in tow.

Alghero is a pretty town surrounded by ancient walls and full of Catalan and Gothic buildings, due to the Spanish domination. Perfect for a long weekend.

Day 1. Arrival and car rental

The first day we arrived in Alghero very early, we rented a car (essential if you want to get around a bit and Sardinia is to go around), and we immediately headed towards the center and towards the apartment we had booked. Is called 'Casa i Gerani'and I recommend it to you. Is situated a stone's throw from the city center, there is parking, has a terrific terrace, there are even five of us and it is super equipped, and finally the manager gave us invaluable advice and treated us very well, at a more than honest price.

Once we checked in and prepared the meal for the child, we went to the seaside for breakfast / lunch with a typical focaccia of Alghero, yum. At this point, since the sun was shining, we decided to get in the car immediately and take advantage of the day going towards Stintino and the mythological La Pelosa beach. In about 40-50 minutes from Alghero you can easily reach it along a pleasant straight road immersed in the countryside.
Stintino and La Pelosa they are all they tell and more. Enchanting is an understatement. The sea is crystal clear and the view is beautiful. The sand was hot and, even if there was a bit of wind, which lowered the present 23 degrees by a little, we stayed there for a while to enjoy the beach and ate in one of the places overlooking the sea and what a sea .

In the evening, back in Alghero, we went for a tour of the city center, where there is the beautiful Cathedral and a series of really special views.

After that, we went for dinner to a delightful place called Mabrouk, in via Santa Barbara, in the old town. It is a seafood restaurant ideal if you want to have a real feast of local delicacies. The restaurant does not have a menu but only has two menus, one for 40 € which includes water, wine, five appetizers, two first and two second courses and one for 60 € which includes water, wine, five appetizers, two first courses and a fabulous lobster. . Also included will be delicious sweets and the inevitable myrtle. Really recommended, the quality and quantity of the food are excellent.

Day 2. The Caves of Neptune

Wake up early, also because with a small child you have few alternatives :) and immediately in the car direction of Capo Caccia and in particular towards the Neptune's Caves. These are the most famous caves in Sardinia and, believe me, they are really worth seeing, they have a unique charm. Their history seems to date back to prehistoric times and extend underground and beside the sea for about 4 km, only a part of which is accessible to visitors for safety reasons.

There are multiple ways to achieve them. For example it is possible by sea with connections by boat. However, I absolutely recommend that you log in by land, along the famous Escala del Cabirol in Catalan, or the "staircase of the roe", a splendid and evocative staircase of 654 steps overlooking the sea. Obviously it cannot be done with strollers or the like but, if you have a newborn, just put it in the baby carrier and it is very feasible without even so much effort.

Older children can safely walk along it, calmly, but without problems. These caves are very crowded in summer so I recommend them even more out of season to fully enjoy them.

Once you exit the caves and go up the steps I assure you that you will be hungry. We undoubtedly had some so we headed to the farm Sa Mandra, unmissable. It is a well-kept family-run farmhouse located in Alghero on the road leading to the airport. The space is really nice, ideal for a day with friends, family and even with children.

Here too the menu was fixed. With 40 € per person everything was included and I assure you that it is a very low price for what we had the pleasure of tasting, almost to bursting. As soon as we arrived they welcomed us with a aperitif in the garden based on white and red wine, carasau bread, homemade cured meats, olives and a delicious spreadable pecorino cream of their own production which, if they had not made me sit at the table, I would still be there to spread it on the bread.

Afterwards, once inside the restaurant, we tasted a series of appetizers based on salami and cheeses made there, including an incredible ricotta, two really good first places, two seconds, wild boar and porceddu obviously, sweets and fruit, all accompanied by an excellent bottle of cannonau. Given the quantity of food and the cannonau, we recommend everyone to do like us and stop there to walk around the farm at least a couple of hours. You can see animals, pleasant fields, and there are also areas equipped for relaxing and letting children play, as well as a spa. A place so beautiful that, if I could, I would go back tomorrow.

In the evening, once back in the center of Alghero, we had an aperitif on the beautiful seafront waiting for the sunset and then, still stunned by lunch, a quick dinner at home based on local products.

This is also the perfect program if you have a duller day with less sun.

Day 3. Beaches of Alghero

Last day in Alghero. This day is definitely to be dedicated to the beaches of Alghero. Those within walking distance, the San Giovanni beach and Maria Pia beach, at this time of the year they were covered with algae, therefore unappetizing. But it was enough to drive a little further by car to find really beautiful beaches.

The first is certainly there Bombarde beach. It is one of the best known bays of the so-called Riviera del Corallo, is located about 10 km from Alghero and consists of a strip of thin and soft sand that overlooks a clear, transparent sea and fairly sheltered from the wind. On the beach there are also some bars and restaurants where it is possible to stop for lunch.

In the afternoon, however, we moved to Lazzaretto beach, not far away, which owes its name to the tower overlooking the bay. It is framed by sandstone rocks and bathed by a blue and crystalline sea. Here too you will find bars and restaurants.

If you have time and are able to get up from the beach, you can also visit the Nuragic village of Palmavera. The complex in question is located on the homonymous promontory less than two kilometers from the sea and has a central body with two towers, walls and huts of an ancient village, built in several phases, all built with blocks of limestone and sandstone. A complex that is certainly fascinating and full of history.

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