Nud and Crud in Rimini, the cool piadina

    That Rimini is the home of the piadina it is known by now. There are several places to eat good piada in the city of Rimini, but I haven't told you about one yet. Among the many clubs he was the last to open but his success was really exaggerated.

    Nud and Crud it is located near the Tiberius Bridge, an enviable position because it is a stone's throw from the historic center, near the sea and quite in transit. It is also located in the San Giuliano district, a historic and cool district in Rimini and finally, so as not to miss anything, it has a nice parking lot in front and overlooks the Marecchia Park. There location is great either to go to lunch or dinner and sit down to enjoy a good piadina, or to go get the piada and walk towards the historic center or in the Marecchia Park.

    Nud e Crud is not just piadina but also first courses, dishes of the day and salads. The salads are abundant and colorful with the addition of citrus fruits for example, while among the dishes of the day there is often the famous passatelli. The piadina here is good, even if in my opinion not excellent, I prefer others in the center of Rimini. It must be said, however, that Nud e Crud offers a location that perhaps other piadinerie do not have. In addition to the interior of the restaurant, where there are no more than a dozen tables, there is also an outdoor area which on the coldest days is well covered and heated thanks to the famous "mushrooms". midday sun that never takes long to arrive on the Riviera.

    Among the piade that I recommend the PidBurger, the piadina for those who really dare and prefer Chianina meat with a delicious sauce made of squacquerone.

    In addition to wraps and first courses, beers also have a respectable place. Romagna beers zero km, the philosophy of Nud and Crud. Km Zero, Km True it is in fact the philosophy of the restaurant that is committed with customers to supply products that come exclusively from the territory. Products that are not taken from the other side of Italy, but which also help medium-small companies in the Province of Rimini that make high quality products. And I must say that this goodness is felt when you bite into a good piadina of Nud and Crud.

    The bill is never too high. Of course, it's not like taking a piadina and taking it to the park, they always spend around the € 10 per person, but for an experience of this type in my opinion it is worth it. Ah, one last tip, go to the bathroom of the room and in addition to looking at the furniture, look at the signs on the doors of the bathrooms :) typicality of Romagna!

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