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Eating in Merano advice and guide to typical and cheap restaurants and trattorias.

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Where to eat in Merano

Eating in Merano it means tasting the flavors of South Tyrolean cuisine in all its essence.

Put your restaurants and trattorias in Merano propose one traditional cuisinele and one international cuisine to meet the needs of all tourists.

Here is according to the traveler reviews and according to our experience where to eat well in Merano:

Forst Merano restaurant

Il Forsterbrau brewery restaurant is the right place to taste the typical dishes of South Tyrolean cuisine accompanied by a wide range of beers artisanal and not.

Il local, furnished entirely in wood, is large and welcoming, the service it is fast and flawless and almost always crowded so we advise you to book promptly.

Merano where to eat well and spend little

Ristorante Forst it is located in Corso della Libertà, 90 Tel (+39) 0473 236535.

Signorvino Merano

Signorvino Enoteca is located in the heart of the city ​​of Merano and proposes to the tourists a wide range of Spanish wines with over 1500 different labels selected with great care.

Il local it is really beautiful, it is located inside an ancient Weinstube with cross vaults and offers typical dishes of Italian cuisine divided by region.

Signorvino wine shop it is located in Via Portici, 104 Tel (+39) 0473 270730.

Sissi Merano restaurant

Sissi It is one of best restaurants in Merano where to taste excellent South Tyrolean cuisine revisited in a modern way.

La location it is welcoming, elegant, romantic and it is not very large in fact it has ten tables + one (table 11) which is a Stube.

Sissi restaurant it is located in Via Galileo Galilei, 44 Tel (+39) 0473 231062.

Other restaurants in Merano are:

  • Sigmund Ristorante - Corso della Libertà, 2 Tel (+39) 0473 237749.
  • Kallmunz restaurant - Piazza della Rena, 12 Tel (+39) 0473 212917.
  • Laubenkeller Ristorante - Via Portci, 118 Tel (+39) 0473 237706.
  • Black Cat Restaurant - Via delle Corse, 12 Tel (+39) 0473 239000.
  • Hellweger's Ristorante - Piazza Duomo, 30 Tel (+39) 0473 212581.

Merano taverns

Here are the best ones taverns in Merano where you can eat well:

  • Trattoria Da Santoni - Via Mainardo, 9 Tel (+39) 0473 233764.
  • Trattoria Da Dante - Via Enrico Toti, 11 / B Tel (+39) 333 8677866.
  • Trattoria Mainardo - Via Mainardo, 19 Tel (+39) 345 1575412.

Merano night clubs and discos

Pizzeria Merano

Here are some of best pizzerias in Merano:

  • The bruschetta - Via Roma, 144 Tel (39) 0473 233290.
  • The Grimace – Via Goethe, 28 Tel (+39) 0473 090346.
  • Pizza Time - Via Monte Tessa, 12 Tel (+39) 0473 221981.
  • Pizzeria Principe - Corso della Libertà, 97 / A Tel (+39) 0473 232828.
  • Pizzeria Engele - Via Roma, 113 Tel (+39) 0473 238216.

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