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Lisbon It is not only a city loved for its monuments and squares but it is also a very young city full of fun.

La movida, the local they are located in different areas of the city and every day thousands of people have fun invading the main streets.

It must be said that in Lisbon bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are constantly on the rise and the panorama is constantly evolving and the atmosphere is pleasant and welcoming, in fact, even when the clubs are full of people, there are very few reports of unpleasant episodes.

How to have fun in Lisbon

In the heart of Lisbon, or al Barrio Alto and in chado, the clubs and bars play music until late at night, then there is the area on fiume Tago , also beloved by young people, called Santo Amaro docks in the Alcantara which was made not many years ago.

In this area, old port warehouses have been renovated and it is one of the trendiest and most fashionable areas of the nightlife of Lisbon in fact, in recent years, the premises are always very full.

Lisbon weekend

Another area very rich in nightlife is the area Nations' park (Park of Nations) built in 1998 in honor of the Expo.

Here you will find a lot of fun in between bar e restaurants also thanks to the very modern Casino of Lisbon inaugurated in 2006, a minimalist structure with sophisticated luminous contrasts, color games and multimedia applications where excellent level shows are organized and there is no shortage of attractions.

Lisbon has an incredible amount of clubs, there are for all tastes and for those who love to listen to fado music, which is the more traditional music of Lisbon, then he will have to choose one fado house so combine music with an excellent dinner in complete relaxation.

For all lovers of the night we recommend that you spend the evening at docks area Alcantara where old warehouses of the industrial area of ​​the port have been recovered and transformed into coffee, pub, discotheques e restaurants.

In any case, if you want to spend a pleasant evening in Lisbon, we recommend having an aperitif at the Solar do Vinho do Porto, and then go to one of the many restaurants in Lisbon, perhaps in the area of Barrio Alto or the Chiado.

Remember that in Lisbon you go to dinner at 21.00pm / 21.30pm not earlier.

For those planning to visit Lisbon we recommend Holidays in Lisbon and Lisbon guide and advice.

Lo Forbookinglovers.com staff wishes everyone a lot of fun.

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