Azores, what to do in 1 day in Terceira

What to do in Terceira in just one day, the beaches and activities not to be missed for a day full of fun in the islands of Portugal that are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, read here.

Third I loved it. Of the two islands I saw at Azores, this note and San Miguel about which I wrote about what to do in San Miguel in 2 days, I must say that Terceira really impressed me with its colorful houses seemed to take me back to some typical Caribbean town.
Several things are said about Terceira, first of all that every day there is a party, secondly, whoever lives in Terceira always smiles. At least two reasons to visit this island that I found splendid.

Maybe just one day is enough to see everything important to visit in Terceira and I believe that at least 3 days would be needed to see how you live here at the right times, to enjoy the smiles of the inhabitants of the island, to feel a bit like at home, because here at home they make you feel immediately. What is certain is that not all of us have weeks and weeks of vacation and so I tried to pack everything in one day, almost.


I have already written a post on where to sleep in Terceira, because I found the Pousada São Sebastião a perfect place for those who want to stay in a hotel in the center of Angra do Heroísmo, for those who want an envious view of the Atlantic Ocean and for those who love courtesy and a smile from the first morning. A tip, for breakfast you prefer it yogurt and fresh island milk, you won't be disappointed.

To see

To see first Angra do Heroísmo, the capital founded in 1534 and the first town in the Azores to be elevated to a city and classified World Heritage by UNESCO. The importance of Terceira, which as the word itself says was the third to be discovered and the third largest today, in the history of these islands also comes thanks to its bay, which has acquired importance not only as a commercial emporium for products from other islands, but also like stopover intercontinental of ships traveling between Europe, the Americas and India.
Her colorful houses they recall many Caribbean countries and unlike San Miguel whose architecture tends to black and white, the colors here are very bright. The Old Town of Angra do Heroísmo recalls the presence of the sovereigns and nobles who lived there in the past.
Inside the historic center you cannot miss some typical sweets at Pasteleria Athanasio bakery, in Rua Sao Joao.

Then the belvedere of Mount Brasil, it can only be reached by car and is a nature reserve and the highest point of the island of Terceira.

The island of Terceira is rich in some natural beauties that make you dream, among these there is no doubt Algar do Carvão, the magma chamber of the cone of the Guilherme Moniz volcano. You go down as if you were going into a mine, first you cross a long corridor, then several steps and little by little you can see the light from the darkness, raising your heads up you can see the sky well and, all around the cone in which we are, internally, grass and moss. TO 90 meters of depth you are immersed in the wildest nature. Drops of water, darkness, earth, we are below sea level. A must see.

Miradouro da Serra do Cume, just one word: immense. You arrive by car to the Serra do Cume viewpoint and admire one of the most beautiful landscapes in all the Azores. If you are as lucky as I was, finding good weather, it will be a real sight!

Cookies it's a name that always made me laugh a lot and it was the place I liked most in Terceira, but maybe that's not true, because I liked them all! Of Biscoitos I liked the natural pools, the strong wind that stirred the waves of the ocean, the vines and the low houses, but most of all the Wine Museum.

Where to eat typical

There are two places I liked in Terceira, the first is located in Sao Mateus And his name is Beira Mar, is a very good fish restaurant. We ate an appetizer and a second each, water and coffee and spent € 12 each. You can see that it's a place where locals go because in just one day we got a birthday and a baptism.

A second place that I personally loved is Quinta do Martelo that calling it only a restaurant is an understatement. Quinta do Martelo it is a sort of museum for those who want to know the history and traditions of the Terceira Island and personally I recommend it to those who want to eat something truly typical, cooked as the inhabitants of the island do for themselves.

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