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How to get around the islands of the Azores? By renting a high from home for the different islands you intend to visit, from Terceira to San Miguel a low cost car rental and some tips.

There are places where it is not always necessary rent a car. Scotland, for example, is easy to travel by bus or train, Spain too, France don't talk about it, and then there are the Azores, which also have public transport, yes, but without a car you can visit a half.

When I started organizing mine trip to the Azores, I immediately thought about how to move around the islands. The Azores are nine islands volcanic and if you decide to see two or more, it is good to know that you will have to rent a car for each island. In fact, the best way to see the various gazebo, get to the coves, restaurants and villages, is undoubtedly moving in complete autonomy.

Among the tips I can give when renting a car there is undoubtedly that of don't be discouraged. The Azores are islands in the middle ofAtlantic Ocean, the clouds move fast, the weather can change dramatically from morning to afternoon. It is possible to wake up in the morning and see one from the hotel room dense fog. What immediately comes to mind is, ok today we are around, it's not worth doing our trekking / going to see the village we were talking about last night.

Mistaken! Take your car and drive away anyway, the fog will disappear within a couple of hours, I promise, and the weather will become more sunny and clear. It is true that this is not always the case, but in most cases it is, so we might as well try and see the beauty of the landscapes for which you have decided to leave for this holiday.

In the Azores, the inhabitants meticulously respect the speed limits, you see few cars around, do not be afraid to find the roads too narrow that you will not be able to pass in two, this is usually my fear, because it will be very difficult for that to happen. The inhabitants love to walk around, they are peaceful and very calm. Generally you will find more traffic at San Miguel, the island that the Azores define related to business and offices. The island of Third instead it is defined as a party, every day there is a party here, guaranteed.

Renting a car in the Azores is there first recommendation which I do to anyone who wants to take a trip to these islands. You can book the car directly from home as I did and then, once you arrive at Terceira or San Miguel airport (for example in my case), pick up the car at Ilha Verde which is one of the main carriers of the islands.

Before leaving for Terceira, my first island, I booked a car in five doors with baby seat for newborn and once I arrived in the Azores I picked up the car directly at the airport. After just two days I returned to the airport to catch a flight to San Miguel, where another rental car was waiting for me at the airport. What did I do with the first? I simply left it at the airport, by the way the parking is totally free for every day, and once back on the island of Terceira I took back my first rental car.

Driving around the streets and lanes of the Azores is very funny, it seems to be constantly inside someone's garden. You go very slowly, there are many curves, but around every corner you can be sure of seeing an incredible panorama, a flower never seen before, enchanting colors. An immense well-kept garden that makes your eyes shine and it takes very little to forget our crowded and smog-filled streets.

Driving in the evening is an experience. Very few cars in circulation, after all the towns of the Azores don't move very much. Our guide in Terceira told us that the island from one side to the other can be reached with only two / three hours by car. When someone says they have to go to the other side of the island, they are automatically told "but no, but why do you have to go so far?“, This is all a saying.
In the evening, therefore, you will never find yourself on the street with so many cars, often it will be you and the cows or you and the moon or you and the ocean, an experience that I recommend you to live because you feel on vacation, yes, but also so lucky.

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