What to do between Langhe and Roero, part II

Finally after a long time I have a moment to tell you about the fantastic ones tastings / experiences made in Langhe now over a month ago.

When you are in those parts the best things to do are almost always of type edible: so here are a couple of tips (after the ones I had already spoken) about where to go in case you want to taste some good product of this land so rich.

Mariangela Prunotto Farm, was born from the experience of Mrs. Mariangela, who enlarged what was the family production, giving everyone the opportunity to taste her fantastic conserve, jams and legumes (but also much more!). Here the raw materials are grown organically and the company is also self-sufficient in terms of energy. Go through here: if you want one greedy tasting of everything that can be put in a jar. There is also the possibility, always by reservation, to combine the tasted products with cheeses.

Wild Woman Museum, here you can delve into the fascinating historic village of Neive, to learn about the historic grappas of Romano Levi. You can see all the tools he used, his bottles with hand-drawn labels, visit the production "laboratory" and his "studio" making friends with the spider Pippo, a permanent tenant. Come by: if you want to get excited with a story of passion and tradition and to buy a bottle of grappa, the one still produced by Romano.

Renato Ratti Winery, in a structure completely immersed in the environment that surrounds it (there is also the lawn on the roof) you can learn more about these wines produced for almost fifty years. There is an option to do one tasting with a view of the vineyards at the end of the winery tour and also visit the museum dedicated to the history of this company. Go through here: if you are wine lovers and if (like me) you are a layman and would like to learn more about it. But also just to taste a good wine.

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