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I've been to Lisbon well 3 times and I highly recommend it as a destination is really beautiful.

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Lisbon holidays useful tips and information

Lisbon has everything you can look for:

- the city is beautiful, particular, even a little melancholy and there is so much to see;

- the climate is good, warm during the day but often windy, and in the evening it is cool;

- there are many restaurants for all tastes and palates;

- the nightlife is not lacking (even if it depends on what you like to do).

There is the area of ​​the Barrio Alto full of clubs, from bars with music to dance and drink a cocktail, to fado clubs (the typical Portuguese music), to restaurants, but above all there is a bang of people in the various streets.

Another lively area is those of the gods Dockas, old port warehouses adapted to rooms of all kinds.

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Lisbon what to see and places to visit

Di discotheques you can find several in the city and, in the vicinity of Lisbon, there are beautiful places to see in the day like Sintra (city of fairytale castles, UNESCO heritage), Cabo da Roca (beautiful cliff, westernmost point of continental Europe), Cascais (famous seaside resort).

The Lisbon sea is at the mouth of the Tagus River, it is not really on the sea so, perhaps the only flaw, to enjoy a beautiful sea you have to travel by train or bus to some nearby beach (maximum 30 min journey).

In short, I highly recommend it to all those who do not like huge crowds and the usual summer destinations, but are looking for something alternative.

Lisbon holidays offers

organize a holiday or weekend in Lisbon choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see HOLIDAY AND WEEKEND FLIGHT + HOTEL OFFERS.

For more information Lisbon Weekend and Lisbon guide.

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