Relaxing holidays in Sauris: what to see, where to ski and the longest zipline in Europe

Guide to visiting Sauris: what to see and what to do in the Friulian town famous for its IGP raw ham. Walks to Lake Sauris, tour of the malghe and zipline flight. Visit to the churches of Sauris di Sopra and Sauris di Sotto. Ski slopes and snowshoe walks.

  • Visit Sauris: tourism and information
  • Widespread hotel Sauris
  • Sauris: attractions and places of interest
  • Sanctuary of San Osvaldo - Sauris di Sotto
  • Church of San Lorenzo - Sauris di Sopra
  • Sauris ski area
  • What to do in summer in Sauris: nature walks
  • Walks to Lake Sauris
  • Tour of the Sauris huts
  • Zip line – Saurris
  • Sauris Ham and Ham Festival
  • Sauris: pictures and photos

Visit Sauris: tourism and information

sauris is a mountain town in the province of Udine in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Located in 1212 meters of altitude, consists of two main nuclei: Sauris di Sopra e Sauris di Sotto.

sauris it is a destination for tourists all year round: in autumn it is the ideal place to admire the foliage, in winter it is suitable for skiing and practicing activities and sports on the snow while in spring and summer it is the starting point for walks ed excursions.

If you are considering where to sleep in Sauris, the town offers a wide choice of accommodation including hotel with pool and sauna likeAlbergo Riglarhau, b & b, farmhouses and holiday apartments.

Those arriving in Sauris by camper can settle down at the Treinke campsite which is located between Sauris di Sotto and Sauris di Sopra.

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Widespread hotel Sauris

An interesting option for sleeping in Sauris is l 'Albergo diffuse whose carefully restored wood and stone accommodations are located in the various hamlets of the town.

The project Albergo diffuse allowed the Friulian municipality to recover entire villages destroyed by the earthquake that otherwise risked disappearing.

Sleeping in the widespread hotel in Sauris means experiencing the atmosphere and traditions of the ancient villages.

Sauris: attractions and places of interest

The hamlets of Sauris host very ancient churches: the Sanctuary of San Osvaldo in Sauris di Sotto and the Church of San Lorenzo in Sauris di Sopra.

Sanctuary of San Osvaldo - Sauris di Sotto

The Sanctuary was built in 1300 and is dedicated to S. Osvaldo venerated as a protector from the plague epidemics.

Historically a destination for pilgrims from all over Friuli, today the church is a true treasure trove of art. Among the works it houses we point out a frescoed ceiling depicting the Death of St. Osvaldo and the Assumption of the Virgin.

Church of San Lorenzo - Sauris di Sopra

The Church of San Lorenzo also dates back to 1300, inside it preserves two valuable wooden altars and works that show late-Gothic influences and motifs of Italian Renaissance art.

The main marble altar houses the statues of Saints Lorenzo and Giuseppe.

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Sauris ski area

During the winter season sauris it is a destination for fans of cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, off-piste skiing and all winter activities in general.

Compared to ski resorts of Friuli Venezia Giulia more chaotic, sauris it is the ideal destination for those who love skiing in a peaceful setting. The ski slopes they are always well covered with snow thanks to an artificial snowmaking system.

Sauris di Sopra offers a blue run and a red run served by a ski lift, also at the school camp those who are beginners can try their hand at skiing.

Cross-country skiers can have fun on the Plotze ring, a track located in Sauris di Sopra and behind which stands Monte Bivera. In Sauris it is also possible to practice Nordic Walking and to rent snowshoes.

What to do in summer in Sauris: nature walks

From late spring to autumn, the Friulian town is a destination for more and less experienced hikers who delight in the dense network of paths in Sauris and its surroundings.

There are numerous walks among which we point out the route between the lake and Mount Turke and the route to discover the “stavoli” rural buildings in stone and wood typical of the Friulian territory scattered over the meadows at medium altitude.

There is no shortage of tracks for fans of mountain bike, for the more trained bikers we recommend the beautiful itinerary that connects the village of Sauris to the Malghe del Montasio.

Walks to Lake Sauris

Il Sauris lake, artificial, has a very particular turquoise color that changes appearance depending on the colors of the sky.

The stretch of water was born in the 40s of the twentieth century following the construction of a dam on the Lumiei stream, the Dam of Lake Sauris.

Around the lake you can practice different walks both the flat ones suitable for everyone and the more complex ones that climb high up.

Furthermore, the Sauris lake in summer it is very popular with those who practice sport fishing, windsurfing and rowing. Without forgetting the ideal tracks for mountain bike rides from the lake to the Pieltinis mountain hut.

Tour of the Sauris huts

Un tour of the Malghe di Sauris allows you to immerse yourself in a suggestive landscape between nature and high altitude pastures.

The Sauris ring is one of the most beautiful panoramic excursions in the area to be done preferably in spring or autumn as the route is almost totally exposed to the sun.

Le Malghe di Sauris pthey can be reached through well-marked paths, in particular we find: Malga Pieltins, Malga Malins, Casera Festons and Casera Losa.

Zip line – Saurris

Did you know that the Zipline of Sauris is the longest in Europe? The attraction allows adrenaline lovers to fly suspended between heaven and earth at an altitude of more than a thousand meters.

The first section is called Flight of the Eagle and flies over the woods while the second section is the Flight of the Falco and takes place above the Sauris lake.

Sauris Ham and Ham Festival

The small town of Sauris boasts excellent gastronomic products: raw ham and speck, cheeses, Malga ricotta and craft beer.

Il Sauris ham it is internationally appreciated thanks to the particular smoking method with which it is produced and boasts the IGP mark

The Ham Festival which takes place over two weekends in mid-July. The town comes alive with food stands, shows, music and an artisan exhibition-market.

Where to eat ham in Sauris? The numerous restaurants, shelters and chalets in the village offer a variety of menus that feature raw ham.

Sauris: pictures and photos

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