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In the Algarve you will make really interesting eno-gastronomic discoveries. In the post, you will find excellent tips for eating typical dishes in Lagos: from appetizers to desserts, including Portuguese wines. Algarve gastronomy is a whole world to discover!

THEAlgarve it's a great place to visit and so is yours kitchen will surprise you!
Tasting the typical dishes of Lagos will be a fantastic experience.
We start from the mythical ones grilled sardines, To petiscos, very similar to Spanish tapas, up to the codfish in Portuguese (which I literally loved).

Typical Lagos dishes: menu of the day and à la carte

Let me start by telling you that in Lagos, but in general in the Algarve, restaurateurs usually offer a “Prato do dia” - dish of the day - especially for lunch, and usually includes buffet appetizers, a main course, dessert and wine.
Otherwise you can always opt for the a la carte menu where you can taste some typical dishes of Portugal, first of all the Couvert, that is the appetizer. They are tastings that include bread, butter, sardine and olive pate, but also the famous ones Zanhahorias Alinadas, that is carrots sliced ​​with garlic, vinegar and olive oil, very simple but also very tasty.

Typical dishes of Lagos: The Ameijoas

Another dish is undoubtedly very appetizing Ameijoas, that is the clams in the "cataplana" version, or prepared in this copper pan that preserves all the flavor.
This technique is used by the Portuguese to also prepare the morning catch, i.e. fish, shellfish and squid.
In fact, the cataplana de marisco, consisting of lobster, clams, squid and other fish of the day.

They are also worth trying tuna steak and octopus which are cooked in different ways (stewed in wine, breaded, grilled or with rice).

Sardines: symbol of the Algarve

But the thing you absolutely have to try are sardines, because they are the product that characterizes the Algarve: they are the major producers and I assure you that they are very good, you will find them everywhere!
Many say that the best are found in Portimao, but also in Lagos they are very good! You can order them grilled accompanied by boiled potatoes and montanheira salad, that is with tomatoes, onion and finely chopped peppers, a real treat for the palate!

Typical dishes of Lagos: meat dishes

Now, for a moment I would like to tell you about a meat dish that is called Chicken Piri Piri, a roast chicken with a chilli, paprika and garlic sauce, is truly delicious especially for those who love spicy flavors.

On the meat theme, if you want to have a quick snack, I recommend you order it Bifana, a typical sandwich with strips of pork inserted in a warm bread topped with different sauces of your choice.

The most characteristic desserts and wines

Also in Lagos you can't miss the desserts, the desserts par excellence are the Morgadinho de amendoa and Don Rodrigo sweets, are undoubtedly the most characteristic sweets of the Algarve and are made of almonds, egg yolks and sugar, what can I tell you, really super!

Finally, I tell you a little about the Portuguese wine and the most popular varieties in the Algarve; certainly in a Portuguese lunch or dinner, wine cannot be missing. They are definitely worth trying the Portimao Doc wine (light and aromatic), Lagoa (soft and full-bodied), Lagos (smooth and with a low level of acidity) e Tavira (smooth but more full-bodied).
The wines with the appellation are also excellent Vinho Regional Algarve.

What to tell you, the Algarve gastronomy is a whole world to discover!
I hope I have given you some ideas to choose the typical dishes of Lagos and for having intrigued you to visit this magnificent area of ​​Portugal.

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