Eating in Buonconvento at the restaurant da Mario

Tuscany is beautiful, in winter, in summer, in autumn or even under a flood. This happened to me just yesterday while I was in the province of Siena in the locality buonconvento. At every climb, descent or hairpin bend I couldn't help but slow down to observe the landscape of the Crete Senesi. For once I have chosen to trust my navigator and it is not easy for someone like me who has literally consumed the pages of the paper road maps of Italy.

I had a business appointment in the neighbor Montalcino, but given the water that came down from the sky and thanks to a sign indicating Buonconvento as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, umbrella in hand I got out of the car. Given the time I look for a bar or a restaurant and the rain, believe me, pushes me to enter a glass door that hides one of those movie taverns, where an American or English tourist can not help but fall in love. But where do foreign tourists find such places if not in Tuscany?

On the business card you will find written 'Mario's restaurant', but it is actually in appearance a real Tuscan tavern that stood still a few years ago. Even the name of the owner makes you understand that you have entered a piece of history of Italian gastronomy, Alfa Galluzzi, which at ninety is still there wandering around the tables.

The place is decidedly intimate, in the sense that you eat practically next to the other diners, but this too is characteristic and beautiful. The service is really fast, the menu changes every day according to the availability of raw materials. So I order a plate of pici with spicy tomato, for a second dish of veal slices with rocket and parmesan and finally a Tiramisu  and coffee. All strictly homemade and accompanied by a bottle of Tuscan wine. They tell me that in the summer the place is very popular with foreign tourists and since there are not many tables available, my advice is to give a call. The bill was very modest and the quality of the food absolutely fine. I advise.

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