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    In Braga, the truest Portugal: practical information

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    The city of Briefs it is located in the north of Portugal, it is not large, it is not on the sea but it is worth a visit. Meanwhile, because all the northern part being less touristy offers a more authentic image of the country.

    If you reach Braga in auto, as I did, you will happen to travel on narrow, somewhat winding roads, overlooked by low houses, made of stone or whitewashed, with small gardens each of which has its own vineyard, in the best tradition of Mediterranean countries. Too bad, however, that Portugal is not a mediterranean country in spite of the Romance language, which is immediately noticed due to the privacy of the inhabitants, the skies, not strictly Mediterranean, and the cuisine.

    However Braga is also called the Rome of Portugal for the countless churches that are located there and because it was the religious capital of the country. Entering the narrow streets of the center of churches you will find many, - the most majestic is the Sé, the cathedral - together with beautiful houses made of granite or covered with azulejos (the characteristic tiles decorated in blue or other colors) and with worked railings. You will also notice the many decadent-looking sacred objects shops

    In the center the Paço Arquiepiscopal it has a beautiful garden called Santa Barbara, full of plants of all kinds, and roses, which bloom and thrive here. The advice is to get carried away by the quiet and joyful atmosphere of Braga, look at the shop windows that in some cases display really old fashioned items and enter Café A Brasileira, for a bica (Portuguese espresso, very good) or in one of the numerous pastry shops for a bolo (pasta).

    However, since Braga is located in Minho, the region where the delicious is produced vinho verde, in the pastry shop you can taste pastel de bacalhau. They are fried meatballs based on cod that go very well with the young and sparkling white. They cost a few tens of cents and you can feed yourself at a very low price.

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