Algarve, 5 beaches to see

If you are tired of the usual beaches and would like to try new ones, read the post and get ready to leave for the Algarve, Portuguese region.

If you do not want to resign yourself to the idea of ​​the setting of the summer and you love the sun and mild temperatures; you might want to consider the Portuguese Algarve region.

Algarve, 5 beaches to see

The Algarve is an allextreme south of Portugal, renowned for its beaches and mild temperatures all year round.

A sunny place all year round

When the grip of the cold is felt in the rest of Europe, here it is possible to enjoy mild temperatures and splendid sunny days.

The sunny shores of the Algarve, in fact, offer the perfect refuge for all types of travelers: from those looking for a wild nightlife, to those looking for an isolated accommodation in the immensity of nature or a journey full of history and of the culture of a different territory.

A few years ago, I spent both the autumn and winter seasons in this area; and I must say that I was really very good.
Really low cost of living, good services and excellent gastronomy. Not to mention the climate (yes and no, I must have seen rain 3-4 times and a minimum temperature of 12-15 ° C).

Algarve, the beaches to visit

But since we are talking about a place to continue living the summer at the sea (and not only), I list what I think are the 5 beaches that are worth a visit.

1. The beaches of Albufeira

Praia do Tunel, Praia dos Pescadores e Praia da Galé are the beaches of Albufeira, a coastal town, originally a fishing village, which has now become a very popular destination, with fine sandy beaches and a lively nightlife.
The harbor is surrounded by brightly colored houses and a long oceanfront promenade with the town rising along the lines of the coast.

Algarve, 5 beaches to see

2. The beaches of Lagos

The city of Lagos, as well as being known for its walled historic center, is characterized by beaches and cliffs overlooking the sea.
Graceful wooden stairs lead down to the sandy bay of Praia do Camilo; while the nearby cliffs of Point of Pity, offer panoramic views and a lighthouse.

3. Tavira and Praia do Barril

On the other hand, the Tavira beach is slightly different.
Tavira has a long sandy beach with salt flats which attract flamingos, spoonbills and other shorebirds.
One beach worth visiting here is Praia do Barril, a cemetery of anchors, a rusty monument celebrating the old fishing fleet, with anchors used for tuna fishing stuck in the sand dunes.

Algarve, 5 beaches to see

4. Armação de Pêra

Armação de Pêra, a popular seaside resort that you will certainly not fail to try, is decidedly more lively.

Algarve, 5 beaches to see

5. Praia de Benagil

A beach that cannot fail to be mentioned is the Praia de Benagil. Bathed by a calm sea, the area is ideal for boat trips, discovering inaccessible beaches by land that offer emotions difficult to imitate.

The beach of the little one Bengagil fishing village, is still a bit small and chaotic, but it cannot be missed for the mere fact that adjacent to it there is the wonderful Benagil cave.

A huge cave carved out by the force of nature that is an incredible wonder to behold. You can reach it by swimming, mattress or kayak.

What are you waiting for?
If you have at least a little curiosity, try to plan a mini-trip and then tell me what you think.

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