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    Craft Beer Festival in the Castelli Romani, Rome

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    La Craft Beer Festival which takes place in Rome at the Roman castles brings together 12 pubs for tastings and fun with independent Roman puds and over 50 beers.

    The event includes the participation of independent Roman pubs in one big event. A day full of sun, nature and excellent craft beers. The event will start at 11.30 and will end around midnight at theFarm 4.5 of Via Ardeatina, 1696.

    During the day of 25 April you will have the opportunity to try more than 50 different beers from all over the world, proposed by your local trust, all obviously artisanal, in an agricultural location, not too far from the city but surrounded by greenery. Challenges with goodies and beer excellences are expected.
    The restaurant of the farm will offer its own dishes and typical products and strictly km0.

    The beers will cost from 2 to 4 tokens and food from 1 to 5 tokens. To drink it will be necessary to buy a glass at a cost of 2 euros.

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