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Where to go and what to see in Jamaica? Travel stories and experiences.

It was a spectacular vacation, made by me and my partner. This travel story in Jamaica wants to be useful to those who decide to visit this wonderful land, you will find tips and advice that can be useful.

Jamaica (Jamaica) travel story with tips and useful information

located Negril, on the western peninsula of the island, the hotel is considered one of the best in Jamaica. The property is nestled on Negril's white coral cliffs and is surrounded by 5 acres of beautifully manicured grounds, filled with palm trees, indigenous plants and flowers.

Jamaicans are friendly and cheerful but they give the feeling of being a little too interested in the financial resources of male tourists and in the attention of not a few ladies and young ladies of a certain age in search of adventure.

Isola del Giglio where you can eat well and spend little

After a few days we decide on a non excursion. I inquire about the possibility of renting a car but everyone discourages me as it is the use of that country to request a credit card as a guarantee that during the lease period will be used improperly much more than you are able to use the car.

So I agree with a young taxi driver who puts himself at my disposal to go where I prefer, also improvising as an intelligent and capable guide. The only small problem is the smoke from his cannon making it a little difficult to see the view out of the window and the driving behavior is perfectly compliant with an excessive use of marijuana.

So after the second day our peaceful vacation had already turned into a half adventure, we had met many locals and above all friends of the taxi driver, all poor farmers who almost never manage to prevent their harvest ... from going up in smoke ...

The interior of the country reserves unexpected surprises: rivers, waterfalls and wonderful forests: A curiosity: there are no animals on the whole island, the reason I have not yet discovered and indeed if someone knows it please inform me. But let's move on to the actual tips.

Transportation in Jamaica

Bus e taxi they are in service between Kingston and other locations on the island. They arrive and depart from the Beckford and Pechon St terminals. Just be careful if you have to go through the Trench Town area, as the terminal is very close to this dangerous area.

The Jamaican bus network is very extensive but it is the emblem of the confusion: timetables do not actually exist and the buses are often crowded. Buses and minibuses serve almost every village in the country.

The good thing is that they are very cheap and are a great way to meet the local people.

I internal flights allow you to move quickly between Montego Bay, Kingston, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.

Giglio island holidays tips

But for short trips it is possible to rent from local companies cars e motorcycles (Kingston's transportation system has Mercedes and Volvo trucks in service, which are usually equipped for the disabled). But be careful, the road conditions vary from excellent to very bad, the temperament of the drivers from impatient to almost suicidal, so you have to be very cautious and keep calm, and in the event of an accident it is much better to avoid arguing with a fiery driver. Jamaican.

Visa for Jamaica

Spaniards do not need a visa to enter the country and stay there for one maximum period of three months.

For entry, however, a return flight ticket is required.

Travelers who are not part of organized groups are sometimes asked where they intend to stay.

 It is a journey that must not be missed, and must be done at least once in a lifetime.

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