Visit Santa Monica: what to see, what to do and how to get there

If you want to enjoy the sun, beaches and sea in Los Angeles, the best area is Santa Monica and precisely its waterfront. This sunny Californian city, location of various films and television series, is one of the unmissable stops on a tour of Los Angeles or of California.

Located on the west side of Los Angeles, just above Los Angeles' other major truistic location, Venice Beach, and just below the excluding Malibu beaches, Santa Monica is one of the most renowned tourist resorts for beach holidays, of the Pacific Ocean.

It's surely a place for mass tourism, while the most exclusive beaches are found in Malibu and Venice Beach. In any case, it often happens to meet VIPs and stars of cinema who come here to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Santa Monica.
Santa Monica is not just beaches and sea, but there are also important shops, excellent restaurants and the charming amusement park on the pier, one of the most photographed places in Los Angeles and all of California.

What to see in Santa Monica

Santa monica pier, the famous pier with the characteristic funfair

Tongva Park, the park includes an amphitheater, a playground, a garden, fountains, picnic areas and toilets.

California Heritage Museum, the most important museum in the area

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, one of the most important aquariums in California

Downtown Santa Monica, the city center where there are the best shops and restaurants

Annenberg Community Beach House, recreational and leisure place on the beach

The end of Route 66, the sign is located on the pier and indicates the end of the famous road

What to do in Santa Monica

Do one walk on Ocean Avenue, the city's waterfront

Relax on the beach and enjoy the Californian sun

Try one of the Pacific Park attractions, the amusement park located on the pier

Walking on the beach

Playing sports in one of the free outdoor "gyms" on the seafront

When to go to Santa Monica

As with the rest of Southern California, Santa Monica too it enjoys a mild climate practically all year round. Temperatures undergo slight variations during the four seasons.

Il best period to visit Santa Monica is during spring and autumn, when there is no peak of tourists, present in summer, and the prices of the various structures are not high. In this period the sun is also more pleasant, not as intense as it could be on a summer day.

THEsummer it can also be a good time for those who don't hate crowded places and if you don't have to stay in one of the city's facilities. Hotel rates during this period are quite high.

THEwinter it is the least good period because it could happen some days that are a little cool or with somewhat variable weather. However, even in winter, the days are often good.

How to get to Santa Monica

Reaching this charming seaside resort is quite simple with a rental car. On the other hand, if you want to use public transport, the journey is quite long.

For a short visit to the area it is advisable park near the famous pier or Tongva Park where there are numerous car parks, including multi-storey ones. Many of these charge a free rate for the first hour or for the first 2 hours, while the rate for the following hours is $ 1 or $ 2 per hour.

Visit Santa Monica: what to see, what to do and how to get there
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