Saranda: the six most beautiful beaches for your holidays in Albania

Have you ever thought about spending your holidays in Albania? If the idea has never crossed your mind, probably after reading this article you will want to go there. Yes, because still few vacationers and travelers know the beautiful Saranda in Albania. Perhaps you have heard of it even surprisingly from friends and relatives who have been there, but you have not given it weight, precisely because spending your holidays in Albania, especially in the summer, you did not like the idea. But the time has come to disprove this false myth because some beaches in Albania are small paradises on earth and the sea in Albania has breathtaking shades of blue. In addition to being a place that "lives" at night with many attractions and entertainment.


The seaside city that has exploded in recent years is Saranda. This beautiful city has boosted tourism in Albania, as it has become one of the most sought after beach destinations in Albania. It is also a tourist destination suitable for the pockets of those who love low cost holidays, as it is among the cheapest in the world, although it has nothing to envy in terms of beauty to the most popular destinations ever. Saranda in Albania has also relaunched this nation which for too many years has been left isolated and abandoned to itself, as it did not seem to "arouse" the curiosity of tourists and vacationers at all. But thanks to beach tourism and beautiful places like Saranda, Albania is starting to boost its economy. 

Beaches of Saranda: the six most beautiful

Saranda is one of the most important seaside resorts on the Albanian coast. This renowned place among the most popular destinations in Albania comes to life in the summer, becoming a magnet not only for young people who find here everything they could wish for in a fun summer holiday, but also for couples or families who demand maximum relaxation during their holidays. Here you will find the most beautiful beaches of Albania and not only that, given that the beauty of the place has nothing to envy to the many places that have always been very fashionable, as even the sea of ​​Albania is a blue mirror whose incredible beauty gets lost. But now let's go and see some of the most beautiful beaches for your beach holiday in Albania.


1- The central beach

This beach is the one closest to the center of Saranda and therefore very convenient for families who do not want to travel long distances, also because this beach in Saranda is equipped with all possible comforts. The beach is made of pebbles and is very wide as well as having a very clean and shining sea.

2- La spiaggia del Monastero (Monastery Beach)

This is another beach that we recommend for your holidays in Albania. Ideal for those who want a holiday completely dedicated to relaxation and tranquillity, because in this place you will not find any deafening music but only silence. It is called the Monastery beach due to the San Giorgio Monastery on top of the hill overlooking the beach. This small paradise on earth with a beach mixed with pebbles and crystal clear sea is about 8 kilometers from Saranda, on the Saranda-Butrint road.

3- The Beach of Mirrors (Plazhi Pasqyrave)

It is absolutely among the most beautiful beaches in Saranda. It is located 7 kilometers from Saranda and shortly after the beach of the Monastery. To reach this beach you will have to walk about 1 kilometer because the path descends on steep cliffs but it is worth a visit, especially for the natural spectacle it offers. In fact, here you will find two twin bays, one where you can also rent deckchairs, sunbeds and umbrellas and another really beautiful free one that you can reach by sea. If you have children with you, provide them with life jackets, because while for an adult the "walk" in the water would not create problems, it would for a child.

4- The Gabbiano beach (Seagull Beach)

This beautiful beach on the coast of Albania is so defined because it is populated by a colony of seagulls which give an extra touch of beauty to this place. It is located 10 kilometers from Saranda. It looks like a pristine place located at the foot of a hill. It is not a huge beach but it is worth visiting.

5- Pema e Thate beach (The dry tree)

It is a beach that is located near Ksamil and as the crow flies it is 1 mile away from Corfu, being perfectly opposite. It is a suggestive beach because it alternates sandy beaches with cliffs and is overrun by tourists in the summer because it is perfectly equipped. It is also suitable for children because the water is shallow.


6 Le spiagge di Ksamil

Ksamil is famous for its three islands, of which the largest and also the most popular island is called Ishujt Binjak which translates as Twin Islands, and is characteristic because it is formed by two islands connected by a thin strip of land. To reach these paradisiacal beaches you can take a boat that will take you to your destination in a few minutes or rent canoes and pedal boats.

How to get to Saranda

If you are wondering how to get to Saranda there are two ways and both require several hours of travel. If you decide to travel by plane, although Albania offers 3 airports, you should land in Corfu, the Greek island opposite Saranda and then take a ferry which takes you to Saranda in a few minutes. Or leave from an Italian port such as Brindisi, Ancona, Bari or Trieste to embark on a journey by ship and reach your destination within 10-12 hours.  


Things to do in Saranda

Let's start by saying that the beaches, in addition to being equipped, offer a vast choice of bars and restaurants where to eat and many beaches cheer tourists with music. But the real nightlife begins in the evening, the moment in which Saranda manages to compete very well with the many European nightlife locations. Here you will find clubs and discos where you can vent your unbridled desire to dance. For the more relaxed types we recommend lounge bars and various venues offering live music.  

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