The 11 Christmas Markets in Europe that made history

The Christmas markets in Europe are among the most famous and important in the world and every year they are visited by tourists and onlookers from every corner of the planet. Here are the ones who made history in the Old Continent.

  • The oldest Christmas market in the world
  • Europe's most beautiful Christmas markets: what to do and what to buy
  • Innsbruck Christmas Markets
  • Vienna Christmas Markets
  • Prague Christmas Markets
  • Strasbourg Christmas Markets
  • Colmar Christmas Markets (Alsace)
  • St Thomas Christmas Markets (Finland)
  • Helsinki Christmas Markets
  • Frankfurt Christmas Markets
  • Budapest Christmas Markets
  • Fish market Belgium
  • Bolzano Christmas Markets
  • Christmas markets Europe: pictures and photos

The oldest Christmas market in the world

The first Christmas markets, according to some historical data, they originated in Germany and Alsace starting from 1400.

Il World's first Christmas market took place in Dresden in Germany where the artisans met to exhibit their works which, having a fairly high cost, were only handled by the upper middle class.

Over the years this phenomenon or if we want to say this custom has spread to all countries of the world and unlike those of the time i Christmas markets current ones sell "products" that are purchasable by all.

Europe's most beautiful Christmas markets: what to do and what to buy

As we just said i Christmas markets they originate fromNorthern Europe even if today they are very popular also in central Europe and therefore in Spain, Sweden, Austria, Francia, Spain and many other countries in the world (not to mention almost all).

Where to go for Christmas

Let's find out what are the Europe's most beautiful Christmas markets:

Innsbruck Christmas Markets

I Innsbruck Christmas Markets in Austria are among the most beautiful in the world and they are 6 and they are:

  • Christmas market in Innsbruck old town
  • Christmas market at the market square
  • Christmas market in Maria-Theresien-Strasse
  • Panorama Christmas market Hungerburg
  • Christmas flea market
  • Wilten Christmas Market

What we recommend you to see is the one of Christmas market in Innsbruck old town which is the most famous of all and takes place in the heart of the historic city center.

Inside this charming market you can taste traditional specialties and you can buy Tyrolean handicraft products between medieval buildings and enchanted lights.

Other Innsbruck Christmas market that we recommend you to see absolutely is that of Christmas market at the market square which is the market square of the city and is located on the bank of the River Inn.

This market is suitable for the whole family as in addition to offering many Gifts e gastronomic delicacies there are rides and a kind of mini zoo to entertain the little ones.

Remember that dates and times are the same as for the Christkindlmarkt Altstadt Innsbruck.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Vienna Christmas Markets

A Vienna during the Christmas period the famous will take place Market of the Infant Jesus.

Un large marketplace consisting of about 150 wooden houses, giant fir trees decorated with lanterns and candies, full of animations, and usually, given the period and the cold temperatures, you will also find it covered in snow.

At the market you can taste typical products such as glühwein (a vin brulé alla cannella), i muskatnockerln (nutmeg macaroons), i vanilla crescents (vanilla croissants) and rum balls (rum and walnut sweets).

Prague Christmas Markets

A Prague every year it is possible to visit two Christmas markets, one is held in the square of the old City (Old Town Square), the other a Peace Square.

These two Christmas markets they are visited by thousands of tourists, and are truly one of the most beautiful manifestations of the cold Czech winter.

Get lost in the markets of Prague Christmas, in the crowded Old Town Square, Wenceslas SquareWenceslas Square, and savoring the typical local products or buying handicrafts is a nice Christmas gift to be given in one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Strasbourg Christmas Markets

Il Strasbourg Christmas market Christkindelsmärik in Place Broglie it is the oldest market in the Francia.

Within this suggestive market it will be possible to discover his local artisan products and you can also admire in Place Kleber thetallest fir in Europe.

THEAdvent it is one of the best times to visit Strasbourg in fact, the pedestrian streets of the center are populated by numerous hut-shaped stalls offering typical products such as Panpepato (fruitcake with black pepper).

There are also rides with music boxes for the little ones; and still you will find decorations for Christmas trees, cinnamon marzipan cookies, donuts hot, the salty braids bretzel, and so on.

Colmar Christmas Markets (Alsace)

I Alsatian Christmas markets more suggestive and more authentic take place in Colmar.

La city will be decorated and illuminated with delightful plays of light, almost everywhere in the streets, will shine four candles fixed to holly branches and fir trees that serve to protect against evil and symbolize the four weeks ofAdvent.

At sunset, do not miss the guided night tour that will make you discover the oldest wooden houses in the city.

We also remember the smallest Christmas market of Alsace that of Struth.

St Thomas Christmas Markets (Finland)

The Christmas Markets of St Thomas o San Tommaso are home to over 120 stalls along the Esplanade Park in the heart of the city and allow visitors to shop handmade creations and traditional sweets savoring the magical Christmas atmosphere typical of the Nordic countries.

Do not miss the characteristic performances of the blacksmiths.

Helsinki Christmas Markets

Other Christmas market very nice of the Finland is the Christmas market of Helsinki.

From the first Sunday ofAdvent, Lutheran churches they echo with Advent carols and the lights twinkle in the streets.

Frankfurt Christmas Markets

I Frankfurt Christmas markets they are very particular as they are exhibited and sold not only handicrafts but also cars, books, musical instruments and furnishing and design accessories.

A Frankfurt i Christmas markets take place in St Paul's Square, n Romerberg, Friedrich-Stoltze Square and Hauptwache.

Budapest Christmas Markets

I Budapest Christmas Markets they are the most beautiful and majestic in Eastern Europe and have an incredible charm.

Around the capital of Hungary you can admire many markets but the most beautiful of all takes place in the fantastic Vorosmarty Square which is located a short distance from the famous Chain Bridge.

Fish market Belgium

A Brussels it has been possible to visit the famous one for some time now Christmas market which consists of approx 250 chalets.

The market unfolds as a path that goes from Piazza St. John to the fish market through the Grand-Place, Butter Street, Stock Exchange Street, Exchange, Devaux Street, Sainte-Catherine Street and Sainte-Catherine square.

The itinerary is marked by luminous arches that guide the visitor and furthermore the whole route is enlivened by musical animations from the theater and by street artists, by sound and light shows. For those who want to have fun the fish market it hosts two large old-fashioned rides, an ice rink and a large Ferris wheel.

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Bolzano Christmas Markets

I Bolzano Christmas Markets they made history in Spain and take place in the evocative setting of Piazza Walter.

Il Christmas market it was organized for the first time in 1991 and since then it has always enjoyed success at national and international levels.

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Christmas markets Europe: pictures and photos

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