Athens beaches

What are and where are the most beautiful beaches in Athens? Guide and advice.

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Athens sea

Athens not only history and, modern art e culture me is also sea and beautiful beaches.

Il sea ​​of ​​Athens it is beautiful and most of it beaches are located along the southern coast and are easily accessible or bybus or with the tram.

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Athens most beautiful beaches

  Athens beaches they extend over 20 km of coastline and are composed of White sand, are well equipped and offer ai tourists any kind of comfort.

Let's find out together what the most beautiful beaches in Athens and its surroundings:

Paleo Faliro Atene

Paleo Faliro it's a small one district of the municipality of Athens which is about 5 km from the center and is theancient port of Athens.

La Spiaggia di Paleo Faliro It is characterized by a sea very nice with shallow waters and is one of the busiest in Athens as it is very close to the center.

Vouliagmeni Athens

Vouliagmeni it's a district of the municipality of Athens which is about 17 km away from the city center and is also referred to as the greenest waterfront in Athens.

This town is made up of 2 peninsulas the one of Lemos And that of Kavouri that host white sand beaches fringed by a thick and luxuriant vegetation.

Alimos Athens

Alimos is one of the largest districts of Athens and hosts, perhaps, the most popular beach.

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La Alimos beach it is one of the best equipped ever and is suitable for those who love to spend whole days practicing saquatic ports and sports on sand.

Glyfada Athens

Glyfada is a municipality located in the southern suburbs of Athens and hosts one of the beaches busiest in the city.

La Glyfada beach it is very well organized, is very popular with Athenians and is suitable for families with small children.

Varkiza Athens

Varkiza is a municipality of Athens very popular with tourists and is located on the coast of Poseidon about 20 km away from the city center.

La spiaggia di Varkiza it is very wide and has both free and private beaches.

Capo Sounio Atene

Capo Sounio is one of the most evocative places ofAttica as it is located on a promontory about 70 km from Athens.

La Capo Sounio beach is spectacular and is made up of golden sand and sea it is a charm.

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Athens beaches pictures

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