Holidays on the islands: Sardinia, Lampedusa or Linosa

    Holiday in Lampedusa, Linosa or Sardinia, choose your summer based on events, tourist offers and activities on the islands.

    Summer has just begun, for the millions of tourists who flock to our coasts every year it is time to choose the most appropriate destination. Despite the crisis, the islands remain as expected the favorite places to relax, have fun and to switch off in the ever shorter holiday period. Today we will deal with places like Sardinia, Lampedusa and Linosa. We will tell you about the events that will take place in order to guide you to the destination that best suits you.

    Holidays on the islands: Sardinia, Lampedusa or Linosa
    La Sardinia it is the destination par excellence of the worldly summer but not only, in addition to the twenty km of Costa Smeralda much loved by VIPs, this region presents a great variety of events for all ages and needs.

    Music. Arena Sant'Elia summer. The city is Cagliari, Arena Sant'Elia, throughout the summer, until September it offers shows and above all concerts with some of the most important names on the Italian and international scene. Litfiba, Fabri Fibra, Marco Mengoni, PFM, Gino Paoli, are just some of the many names; together with the evenings of the Soliti Idioti, Enrico Brignano and Marco Travaglio. A noteworthy evening is that of 11 August where Paul Kalckbrenner, a well-known world-famous DJ, will take the stage. The costs of the tickets will vary from 15 to 30 euros, but there will be free shows.

    Holidays on the islands: Sardinia, Lampedusa or Linosa

    Culture. Dromos Festival
    Music and not only for the festival promoted by the homonymous cultural association. The presentation takes place at the end of June. The festival will start at the end of July and will end in mid-August with numerous events in Oristano and its province.

    Music. La Sciampitta, Folklore Festival
    In July, Nuoro will host lots of music and shows. The event, now in its twenty-seventh edition, will present art exhibitions, exhibitions and much more by hosting folkloristic groups from all over the world.
    Holidays on the islands: Sardinia, Lampedusa or Linosa

    Festivals and fairs
    Numerous traditional festivals and festivals of the summer period. Among all we point out the festival of Gallura gnocchi in Aglientu; The myrtle festival which takes place in Brunella in August. Traditional feasts are also very frequent, among all we remember the Mauritanian wedding according to the tradition to be held in Santadi in the church of San Nicolò; the exhibition of the pairs held in Dorgali and Ollolai; finally, the famous “faradda de li candelari” of Sassari is to be noted, which will take place on the 14th, in the month of August.

    Clear sea and fantastic beaches, a trip to Lampedusa is synonymous with relaxation. What is certain is that you won't get bored, especially in August when the beaches are crowded with tourists from all over Italy and the world.

    Holidays on the islands: Sardinia, Lampedusa or Linosa

    Culture: Lampedusa in Festival
    Important film festival which has now reached its fifth edition. In July not only screenings, but also cultural events ranging from book and documentary presentations, concerts and theatrical performances.

    The small island of Linosa, also known as the turtle islands, 160 km from the coast of Sicily is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of nature and the Mediterranean Sea in general.

    Holidays on the islands: Sardinia, Lampedusa or Linosa

    Holidays: Linosacampus
    Linosacampus is the ideal holiday for those who want dynamic holidays constantly in contact with nature, the true protagonist of the island. This type of holiday includes ten days of activities and courses and internships regarding scuba diving, seawatching, excursions and photography courses, including underwater photography.

    Le destinations and the things to see can be so many, now it will be the will of the tourist to select those that will most stimulate him. The elements in common between the three locations are undoubtedly the sea and the breathtaking landscapes, but also the flavors of the excellent Mediterranean cuisine, the fun that is undoubtedly not lacking and the climate that especially in the summer period will be what is expected. As for the differences, Lampedusa could be more recommended for lovers of beaches and pleasant summer chaos. Linosa, on the other hand, is quieter and therefore very relaxing. Sardinia, on the other hand, has such a variety that it is ideal for any type of tourist of need and especially of wallet.

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