Fun Spot America the typical American funfair

Fun Spot America there are 2 “twin” amusement parks, located in the tourist area of Orlando e Kissimmee in Florida. The visit of these 2 parks, whose admission is free (you only pay for the attractions), allows you to see and experience the typical atmosphere of American amusement parks.

Fun Spot America parks boast fun and excitement for all ages. Located in Orlando and Kissimmee, they are 2 great theme parks to spend some wonderful days outdoors. They are very popular with families with children, groups of friends and couples.


The main attraction of the Orlando park is the famous White Lightning, a typical all-wood roller coaster. There is also a wooden roller coaster in Kissimmee park, Mine Blower, the only one of the Florida to have a loop of death.

For lovers of extreme adrenaline, at Fun Spot America you will find the two SkyCoasters (an attraction between skydiving and paragliding) highest and most terrifying in the world. Kissimmee's SkyCoaster is 91 meters tall (the tallest in the world), while Orlando's SkyCoaster is 76 meters high.

The parks offer various attractions for everyone to enjoy, including: multi-level go-kart tracks, bumper cars, children's games and much more. There is no shortage of classic skill games with prizes and arcades for quieter fun.

More than 100 alligators can also be seen at Fun Spot America Orlando. Gator Spot is an oasis of 1.400 square meters in the Orlando park, born from a partnership between Fun Spot America and Gatorland. Here you can learn about reptiles, observe exotic birds, feed crocodiles and immortalize the experience with various photos.

Admission prices

Admission to the Fun Spot America Orlando and Fun Spot America Kissimmee parks is completely free. You only pay for the individual attractions. To save money it is convenient to buy he passes for more attractions or the one for unlimited access to attractions.

Opening time

Fun Spot America parks are open all the year. The opening hours in high season and on weekends are from 12 to midnight. In the low season and during the week the opening hours are from 14:00 to midnight.

Some facts

500 thousand visitors (Orlando)
700 thousand visitors (Kissimmee)

Area of ​​5.7 hectares (Orlando)
Area of ​​3.7 hectares (Kissimmee)

27 attractions (Orlando)
22 attractions (Kissimmee)

3 roller coasters (Orlando)
3 roller coasters (Kissimmee)

Fun Spot America the typical American funfair

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