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    Legoland in Denmark, not just for the little ones

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    Judit Llordés

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    I have to be honest: me I love Legos. I am also convinced, however, that I am not the only one, which is why I write this post convinced of doing a favor, but above all convinced of make you dream, who like me has never forgotten the fantastic afternoons spent building Lego.

    If you have children you will be luckier than me, because you can dream of this trip without going through "strange" in the eyes of relatives and friends, unless you bring some grandchildren for the moment I have no excuses :) The recommended age is around 7 years indeed.

    Legos were born in Denmark and Legoland all the attractions were built with the famous colored bricks. A sort of Disneyland but made of lego. Here reproductions of famous monuments, but not only landscapes, animals and so on and so forth have been reproduced with lego. In total well 12 thousand square meters they were covered with lego, a sight.

    The distance from Copenhagen is approx 2 hours by train more 45 minutes by bus, that's why many recommend staying at least one night in the park, which like many more or less large famous amusement parks also has the availability to offer overnight stays in style.

    Entrance tickets cost a lot, it cannot be said otherwise. Children under 12 pay 37€, adults 39 €. Let's say that it is not low cost at all, but if you want to relive this fantastic dream… .this is the price!

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