Ferrari event, the F1 show car in Naples, June 1st and 2nd

    Ferrari event, the F1 show car in Naples, June 1st and 2nd

    Who hasn't dreamed of being Michael Schumacher for a day? Who has never wanted to be in the place of Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa? Who has never wanted to be at the driving a Ferrari and experience the thrill of the race and the pit stop? Does this seem like an impossible dream? Impossible? You are wrong, dear ones.

    Il 1 and the 2 June run to Naples, on the seafront of via Partenope, and your dream will come true! In the splendid setting of Castel dell'Ovo, the Scuderia Ferrari Club Costa del Vesuvio invites you to participate in the Ferrari event, one F1 show car full-blown, with red ribbon cutting, champagne uncork, pit stop races and final podium.

    You can also turn around the dedicated exhibition stands, you can taste the culinary proposals of the "Ferrari Red Flag Menu"During the Gala Dinner which will be held on the wonderful panoramic terrace of the Hotel Royal Continental and it will be possible to admire, in the hall of the aforementioned hotel, ten Ferrari cars, from the vintage models that have made the history of the car manufacturer of the prancing horse up to the avant-garde ones of our days.

    One by one, the cars are already arriving in Naples, so if you are in the area these days, stop by the Royal Continental and take the opportunity to preview the Ferraris already on display, free of charge!

    What are you waiting for? :)

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