Exhibitions in Verona: from Botticelli to Matisse until April

    "From Botticelli to Matisse faces and figures”Is the continuation of the exhibition that has just ended in Vicenza. The February 2 (until April 1st) the exhibition dedicated to the portrait will reopen in Verona, in a prestigious location such as Palace of the Gran Guardia, right in front of the Arena. The heart of the exhibition will remain the same with about eighty works presented.

    But there will also be some substitutions for the return of some pieces to the museums of origin, and consequently the addition of others equally prestigious. Hence the desire to replace the title of the exhibition to underline its diversity and to underline its interest also for those who have already visited the exhibition in Vicenza. The area that will be enriched in Verona will be the Nordic one, with rare paintings by Memling and Van Eyck and in the Italian context, Antonello da Messina.

    The ticket for the exhibition can be conveniently purchased online on the site shadow line at 15 euros for the open ticket option (without time and date restrictions) or at 13 euros on the date and time set. There is also a reduced ticket of € 10 for university students and over 65s, and € 7 for minors

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