Eating Japanese at Sushi Wasa, in Rimini

    Eating Japanese at Sushi Wasa, in Rimini

    Taken by the desperation to eat something that was not the usual Romagna tagliatella, last night I nailed the car in front of the Sushi Wasa, in Rimini in the San Giuliano area near the port. Eating Japanese? So be it. Not that I hadn't noticed it before, but I never had a chance to stop.

    The place is small, but the space is also sufficient to sit comfortably. We see that it is more takeaways. I take a quick look at the refrigerated cabinets and see the famous beer Asahi, and we're already off to a good start. Then I take the menu in hand and it doesn't take much to realize that the solutions are endless. Let's face it, in Japanese if you think about saving you take a good blunder, but if you have a small stomach you can also succeed. Not my case of course, and I go out with a sushi sashimi box with mixed fillets of sashimi, salmon, tuna and cooked shrimp. Then nigiri salmon, tuna, hosomaki, uramaki, cost 20 €.

    Of course a 50 cl Asahi beer, others 4 € and I do the total to you. A different experience, to be done once in a while if you are a lover of the genre. I forgot, maybe you are wondering: but the super spicy green sauce? Yes, there was also the wasabi, so spicy that I forget for a moment the best Calabrian hot peppers. And then immediately my memory rushed to a hilarious scene from the eponymous film Wasabi by Luc Besson with Jean Reno. Incidentally, I love spicy.

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