Living nativity scene at the Marmore Falls

    Il 5th and 6st January are the last two days to be able to visit the living nativity scene set up for the second consecutive year inside the park of the Waterfall marmore, one of the highest waterfalls in Europe.

    The crib consists of approx 90 figurants that will revive the atmosphere of the past, the entrances will be possible from about 17:30 to 20 and the cost of the ticket will be 2 € for adults, € 1 for children aged 6-10 while children under 6 can access for free.

    To make the living nativity scene much more suggestive, the water flow that from the Velino river flows into the Nera river will remain open until the end of the performance, the path will also be guided by a narrator who will describe the most characteristic scenes.
    A pair of comfortable shoes is recommended to facilitate access to the park trails and warm clothing to defeat the inevitable humidity of the place and enjoy the show at its best in a unique location. Getting to the Marmore Falls is very simple, it is only a few km from the center of Terni and during the journey you will already enter the atmosphere admiring the famous Comet Star of Miranda which for the whole Christmas period watches over the city of Terni from above.

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