Canyon Rio Sass, what to do in Val di Non

    For nature lovers in Val di Non, among the many possibilities that this area offers, you can visit a magical and adventurous place: the Canyon Rio Sass, a deep gorge that divides the village of Fondo in two, created by the flowing waters of the Rio Sass.

    Since 2001, when the canyon was made accessible and open to everyone, there is the possibility to walk along walkways and stairways, admiring a fantastic rock show, water and plays of light. Walking the 800 meters I walked I saw waterfalls and jets of water coming from everywhere, walls that suddenly tightened forcing you to pass sideways, chasms that opened under your feet and beams of light reflected on the shiny rocks, a sight that cannot leave you indifferent!

    This suggestive and indescribable path is also accessible to children, which will surely remain fascinated and amazed, but it is certainly not recommended for those suffering from vertigo. The visit is always guided by experts who, after having equipped you with a cape and helmet, will be able to explain the history of the canyon and some curiosities.

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