Belgium: discovering cities and gastronomic traditions

Discovering the cities of Belgium through traditional restaurants and dishes: take note of these addresses!

Il Belgium is becoming more and more gastronomic destination for those who want to combine food with typical cities and the traditional beer. A different weekend than usual, a romantic trip or a real tour is popular nowadays to taste the traditional Belgian cuisine. A question arises: what are the typical dishes?
Let's go and discover them!

Belgium: discovering cities and gastronomic traditions


The mussels found in North Sea they are more meaty and tastier. The most common way mussels are served in Belgium is steamed in white wine with herbs and vegetables, served in large pots reminiscent of simplicity and home recipes. In addition to white wine, other cooking methods include cream, beer or mustard sauce. Mussels, alone, can be served as an appetizer or a particular Belgian custom is to share them with friends by combining them with a dish of French fries.


Among the gastronomic specialties of Belgium are oysters. Large, delicious and very fresh. As an appetizer or at the end of a meal, they are a delicacy. They are often served with a red onion sauce to pair with or warm bread and butter.

Stew with Beer

This recipe represents the typical dish of the Belgian tradition for excellence. The beer stew (stoofvlees or stoverij) has many variations, thanks to families who pass down their recipes from generation to generation. Most recipes include beef, a rich dark beer, bread, onions, salt, pepper, herbs such as bay leaf and thyme, and spices from Flanders. Completion ingredients are carrots, mushrooms, bacon, red wine, shallot. Long simmering is essential to keep the flavor and tender meat.

Belgium: discovering cities and gastronomic traditions

Endive gratin

A Flemish specialty, very popular dish consisting of endive which Belgians call wifloof, chicory o 'White gold'and regional cheese. Endive gratin is a dish that combines this leafy vegetable with a traditional regional cheese. In fact, Belgium is a major endive producer and exporter all over the world.

Gray Prawns

This North Sea delicacy can be found all over Belgium. Gray shrimps, which despite their name and appearance have a sweet and delicate flavor, are prepared with different recipes. The fishing method is singular. These shrimps were traditionally collected along the Belgian coast from fishermen on horseback. Currently this method is still practiced in coastal village of Oostduinkerke belonging to UNESCO.

Belgium: discovering cities and gastronomic traditions


Waffles (gauffres) are internationally known, but in Belgium there are two different and at the same time delicious types. The Brussels waffle it is rectangular, golden brown on the outside, dusted with powdered sugar or sometimes coated with syrup, slices of fruit. The Liege waffle it has a dense, square texture with caramelized sugar on the outside.
The best way to prove it is through it Street Food, to enjoy a sweet moment walking through the streets of the cities.

Belgium: discovering cities and gastronomic traditions

Four restaurants to try

In this article I want to report you some addresses of restaurants where you can taste Belgian delicacies and visit the city through a walk through the characteristic cobbled streets.

1. Resto Nous in Brugge

Original and minimalist with the best quality of raw material.

2. Restaurant de Bomma in Antwerpen

Typical restaurant capable of evoking the flavors of the grandmother where tradition is synonymous with goodness.

3. Lof Restaurant in Ghent

Innovative design and recipes with an eye to tradition

4. Korenlei Twee in Ghent

Restaurant in the heart of Ghent where the quality of the food, the service and the breathtaking view will give you a unique experience.

The Belgian tradition certainly receives a French and Dutch gastronomic influence. In recent years Belgium has been able to diversify and affirm its culinary traditions making our travels unique not only for the cities and history but also for the renowned delicacies to taste.

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