3 best spas in Lazio where you can organize a wellness weekend

Lazio is one of the best Italian destinations to organize a respectable wellness weekend but, above all, of great value. Here are the most famous and important spas.

  • Most important and famous spas in Lazio: what they are and where they are
  • Fiuggi thermal baths - Lazio
  • Thermal baths of Stigliano - Lazio
  • Baths of the Popes - Lazio
  • Terme Lazio pictures and photos

Most important and famous spas in Lazio: what they are and where they are

As far as you want to think, the Lazio it is not only a region that treasures a precious historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage of inestimable value, but it is also one of the most popular destinations for lovers of well-being, the Relaxing and body care.

The Lazio region is dotted with a myriad of spas of great value where, in addition to well-being, it is possible to take a journey through time.

Having made this brief introductory parenthesis, let's see what the 3 best spas in Lazio where you can organize a wellness weekend.

Fiuggi thermal baths - Lazio

Less than an hour from Rome and a few minutes from other centers rich in art and history, there is Fiuggi, a wonderful city located at the foot of the Ernici Mountains, considered one of the main spas in Lazio.

That of Fiuggi is an oligomineral water with a very low concentration of mineral salts, it is famous all over the world and it has been shown several times that the effectiveness of water in kidney stones is not due exclusively to its diuretic properties, but to the presence of macromolecules capable of attacking the crystal lattice that constitutes the stone until it is broken up.

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THEFiuggi water carries out its beneficial action in different directions: it promotes the dissolution of kidney stones, causes their expulsion and prevents their formation; it is particularly indicated in the preparation of patients who have to undergo surgery or lithotripsy with shock waves and is of considerable utility during the post-operative course.

In addition to the treatment of kidney stones, theFiuggi water it is an effective remedy for urinary tract infections and, thanks to an important action it plays on uric acid metabolism, it promotes the treatment of gout and uratic arthropathies.

To make the most of the benefits of Fiuggi's water, spa treatments they should be carried out twice a year and each therapeutic cycle should last from 12 to 15 days, a period that corresponds to the correct development, in the water-saline metabolism, of the specific reactions to the hydropinic treatment.

As a rule, the water should be drunk in the morning a fasting and, if necessary, also in the afternoon a completed digestion and between a glass and another it is very useful to walk, because a slight movement favors renal circulation and diuresis.

Walks, associated with a period of rest, a regular life and a controlled diet are important aspects that carry out an action of general well-being: psychosensory stimuli generated during the thermal stay induce positive reactions that integrate and enhance the specific therapeutic properties of the water.

Thermal baths of Stigliano - Lazio

Wonderfully set in the Sibillini Mountains, the Stigliano thermal baths they are the right destination for those who want to spend a 5-star wellness weekend.

Le Stigliano thermal baths they are located in a historic residence that has been transformed into a 4-star hotel and also has a spa and a restaurant of the highest level.

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Le waters of the Terme di Stigliano, whose temperature remains constant between 30 ° and 38 °, are suitable for those suffering from respiratory, dermatological and osteoarticular diseases and the medical center has an agreement with the National Health System.

The even more extraordinary thing about the Stigliano thermal baths is that within the complex it is possible to take advantage of a Roman Path to purify oneself characterized by epidarium, calidarium, frigidarium, Finnish saunas, aromatic waterfalls, relaxation areas with chromotherapy and high-level beauty treatments.

Baths of the Popes - Lazio

The Viterbo area is also famous for the presence of numerous sources of volcanic origin and the Terme dei Papi they are one of the most famous and well-known spas.

Le Terme dei Papi they are characterized by a monumental swimming pool that occupies an area of ​​over 2000 square meters and its beneficial waters come directly from the Bullicame spring (sulphurous-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy water).

The thermal treatments and therapeutic mud of the Terme dei Papi they have an agreement with the National Health System and are effective for the treatment of tendonitis, osteoarthritis, respiratory, vascular and gynecological problems.

Inside a magnificent natural therapeutic cave, whose internal temperature varies between 45 ° and 48 °, you can take advantage of treatments based on thermal waters and mud to fight gout, rheumatic diseases and inflammation of the respiratory tract.

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