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    Wine and Fireplace, eat in Rome

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    Judit Llordés

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    Wine and Fireplace is a very famous and historic place in Bracciano which for some years has opened a new office in Rome. The restaurant is located in Piazza dell'Oro, on the Tiber, easy to reach and close to the evening destinations of Campo de 'Fiori and Trastevere. Valid therefore for a Saturday evening with friends.

    The place is nice and big and the staff are kind. The dishes tasted were a mixed starter, the photo above and the tonnarelli with cheese and pepper. I liked the appetizer very much, especially the focaccia with lard from colonnata that melted in the mouth, even the goat cheese and the ham. The tonnarelli arrived very abundant, so much so that after such an appetizer I had a hard time finishing them.

    The wine was excellent and as soon as you enter you will notice that there is no shortage of wines here and the quality is no less. The bill was € 25 per person, a little too high in my opinion, even if I would go back just to taste that exquisite lard from colonnata!

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