Where to sleep in Los Angeles: the best hotels, good and dangerous areas to avoid

Los Angeles is the most important city in the state of California, the second most populous in the United States with nearly 20 million citizens in its vast metropolitan area. Choose the best area to sleep in Los Angeles it is not an easy task. The city is huge and has all kinds of areas and neighborhoods, from the most glamorous areas, to residential and quiet areas to the poorest and most dangerous ones.

In this guide we will describe the best areas, the economic ones and those where it is advisable not to pass, especially during the night and at the first light of dawn. In addition, for each district we will present one list of recommended hotels.

Where to sleep in Los Angeles

The best areas in Los Angeles for stays of about four or five days are Hollywood e Beverly Hills, mainly because they are close to the most important attractions and are very well connected by roads and public transport systems.

For longer stays, other interesting options may be Santa Monica, to enjoy the sea and the beach, or the Dowtown, in the city center, close to everything.

Who wants to enjoy the nightlife, without a doubt, the best options for sleeping in Los Angeles are Venice Beach e Santa Monica. Instead, those looking for a quiet area could choose Westwood Village e Pasadena.

Sleeping in Hollywood

Los Angeles - Hollywood -

There is no better area to sleep in Los Angeles than Hollywood. You don't have to be a movie lover to appreciate their beauty. Moreover, besides being beautiful, it is the most practical area to sleep in Los Angeles if you don't have a car, as it is perfectly connected by bus and subway.

Hollywood is very well positioned because the main tourist attractions are equidistant: for example if you stay in Downtown, areas like Santa Monica or the Getty will be far away.

In addition to its practical location, it must be recognized that it is also the most beautiful part of the city and above all, it is one safe enough area to stay in LA because with the presence of tourists, surveillance is greater. However, it is always a good idea, as in all very tourist areas, to pay attention, especially in the most crowded places.

Hollywood nightlife is the best in the city and there is always something going on. The accommodation offer is wide and varied. The downside is that the hotels here are expensive compared to other areas. There are over 300 hotels and lodges in the area with prices from 60 euros upwards per night for a double room.

The best hotels in Hollywood

The Moment Hotel - double room rate per night 200 euros

Hollywood Guesthouse - double room rate per night 170 euros

The Dixie Hollywood - double room rate per night 130 euros

The Hotel Hollywood - double room rate per night 110 euros

Travelodge by Wyndham Hollywood – Vermont/Sunset - double room rate per night 90 euros

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Beverly Hills, the most expensive area

Beverly Hills is one of the most "chic" and exclusive areas of Los Angeles. The district is located west of the city. It is famous for its Rodeo Drive and its exclusive shops, but also for its luxurious mansions, homes of many celebrities.

If you are looking for an exclusive and elegant place, very quiet, well located and from where you can get around by public transport with relative ease, this neighborhood is an excellent option for sleeping in Los Angeles. The downside: the high price of hotels.

Also, if you rent a car, you can easily find a parking space. If you opt for public transit, although Los Angeles is designed 100% for cars, the bus service is quite efficient and cheap ($ 1,75 for a single ticket).

Best hotels in Beverly Hills

Avalon Hotel - one night in a double room for 340 euros

Hotel Beverly Terrace - one night in a double room for 220 euros

Mosaic Hotel - one night in a double room for 310 euros

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Sleeping in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica – Los Angeles, California –

For beach and sea lovers, sleeping in Santa Monica can be a good solution. The area offers endless beaches, where you can play sports and enjoy the Californian sun. The sea water does not reach high temperatures even in the summer months. Therefore, swimming in the sea is an activity intended for the less cold.

The area has a wide range of accommodation but it is difficult to find anything for less than 100 euros per night. If you book well in advance, you can rent an apartment on the seafront for around 80 euros.

The best hotels in Santa Monica

Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica - double room rate per night 400 euros

Santa Monica Motel - double room rate per night 230 euros

Travelodge by Wyndham Santa Monica - double room rate per night 180 euros

Ocean Park Hotel - double room rate per night 110 euros

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Sleeping in Koreatown

Koreatown neighborhood is a good choice for those looking for economic hotel solutions, and wants to be close to both Hollywood and the downtown area. This is a fairly safe and quiet area. In the area there are also various bars and clubs for those who love nightlife.

It is called Koreatown because at least 18% of its population is Korean. However, it is a multicultural neighborhood and this gives it a special character.

Best hotels in Koreatown (Los Angeles)

Hotel Normandy - double room rate per night 210 euros

Oxford Palace Hotel - double room rate per night 140 euros

Adventure Hotel - double room rate per night 120 euros

Rotex Western Inn - double room rate per night 90 euros

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Downtown and the central area

Downtown Los Angeles -

Downtown is the business district of Los Angeles and is also the one that most closely resembles a real city center. Here are several institutional buildings, such as the Los Angeles County government, sports complexes and a large number of shopping malls. This neighborhood offers stunning views of the LA skyline, and has served as the filming location for many movies.

The central area unlike other cities not the best, although from a distance it might seem very interesting given the presence of so many skyscrapers. The area is more suitable for business people that to tourists despite having some attractions such as Chinatown or the railway station.

However the neighborhood also hosts degraded areas where many streets have become campsites for the homeless. Please be careful, especially during the night.

The best hotels in Downtown Los Angeles

Sheraton Grand Los Angeles - double room rate per night 300 euros

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites - double room rate per night 250

The L.A. Grand Hotel Downtown - double room rate per night 190 euros

Miyako Hotel Los Angeles - double room rate per night 175 euros

American Hotel - double room rate per night 120 euros

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Sleeping near the Los Angeles airport

LAX stands for Los Angeles International Airport which is located 18 kilometers southwest of the city center.

The airport itself is a city with its nine terminals and has several original places to visit, ideal for long waiting times between trans-ocean flights. For example, there is the Fligh Path Museum & Learning Center where you can see historical aircraft models, the free museum Space Exploration Gallery describes in detail the milestones of space exploration, or theAutomobile Driving Museum which houses an impressive collection of 130 classic cars.

Los Angeles Airport is connected to the rest of the city via the Metro Green Line. You can choose to sleep here if your plane leaves early in the morning or if you arrive very late at night.

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Where to sleep in Los Angeles with children

Families heading to theme parks with children in tow may choose to stay for two or three days in Anaheim where Disneyland is located. The area offers plenty of entertainment and dining options for children.

Most hotels in the Anaheim area are located along Harbour Boulevard. They are very close to the amusement park that can be easily reached on foot in a few minutes and are more comfortable or more convenient than some of the hotels Disneyland resort. Of course, there is nothing nicer for children than sleeping in Disneyland's three hotels that vary in price and accommodations.

Other hotels, which are a little further away, provide guests with free shuttles to reach the park. Many of these hotels also offer shuttle service to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

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Where not to sleep in Los Angeles, the most dangerous areas

Los Angeles is a city with strong social differences. Many rich, especially in the north, and many poor especially in the south. The most dangerous neighborhood is South Central. If you really want to visit this district, it is best to visit it accompanied by a tour guide.

Neighborhoods to be avoided absolutely are the neighborhood of Little Tokyo, which is adjacent to downtown Los Angeles, with streets full of homeless people living in tents, and Skid Row which contains one of the largest stable homeless populations in the United States.

Other areas not recommended are those of Compton e East Los Angeles. It is always advised to be careful in all places, even when walking on Hollywood Boulevard.

Best areas to sleep in Los Angeles -

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