What to see in Ostia: 1 day between Pasolini and the excavations of Ostia Antica

What to see in Ostia in 1 day

In defining the timetables I start from the assumption that the visit is done on Sunday, and therefore you arrive in Ostia calmly. But let's see the itinerary in more detail.

h 11/11:30 : visit to the monument to Pasolini and walk along the seafront.

The monument is located in the place where the poet was killed on November 2, 1975, near the Ostia seaplane base. It is an evocative place, there are marble slabs engraved with the verses of some of Pasolini's poems, and a white marble monument.

h 13: 00 lunch at the Monumento Restaurant

In the beautiful medieval hamlet of Ostia Antica. This restaurant is an institution because it has existed in this same place since the end of the 800th century. In addition to the classic seafood dishes, hear hear .. it also has a classic of Romagna cuisine: cappelletti! Well yes, in honor of the scariolanti (like my grandfather): the people of Romagna who in the 20s came down to the area for the reclamation of the Pontine countryside (also remembered with a plaque right in the center of the village, next to the restaurant).

h 14: 30 visit to the excavations of Ostia Antica

Get ready to walk! The archaeological site is very beautiful and extensive: Ostia Antica, in the period of maximum splendor, it reached 50000 inhabitants!

To get an idea of ​​what awaits you, watch this beautiful video shot with a drone.

Among all, do not miss the beautiful theater (still used today during the summer for shows and concerts), the domus of love & psyche, Thermopolium of the street of Diana (an old tavern complete with a marble counter and bedrooms), the The Capitol, and the Museum (inside which you will find all the original sculptures found in the excavations of the site).

Halfway through the visit you can refresh yourself in the restaurant and bar located inside the archaeological area

h 19: 00 aperitif on the beach

At the Mediterranea establishment (in Capocotta) or a nice hot cream donut in the historic Paglia bar, in the center of Ostia.

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