Visit the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas: prices, times and attractions

La Stratosphere tower with its 350 meters high it is the tallest observation tower in the United States, thetallest building in Las Vegas, as well as one of the main attractions of the city. The elevators that will take you to its top are among the fastest in the world.

The tower was inaugurated on April 30, 1996 and immediately became one of the main symbols of Las Vegas and one of the most visited attractions in the entire state of Nevada.

The Stratosphere Tower is part of the The Stratosphere Las Vegas, a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip, the main thoroughfare of the gambling capital of the world. The hotel is a separate 20-storey building with nearly 2.500 rooms and a 7.000 m² casino.

What's on top of the Stratosphere Tower?

Once on the Stratosphere Tower you can find:

  • an internal observation platform
  • an outdoor observation platform
  • souvenir shops
  • a revolving restaurant
  • 4 thrilling attractions

On the tower there was also a roller coaster, which was then closed in 2005 to make way for new attractions.

During the tour of the property, you will have a magnificent 360 ° view of Las Vegas and its surroundings. You will be able to see in the distance the desert, the mountains and closer, McCarran Airport, the Strip and its many hotels, while on the other side Downtown Las Vegas. The view is truly impressive, and from there you truly realize that Las Vegas is truly in the middle of nowhere!

The best time to go up is at sunset when all the lights of the city start to turn on. If you want to have lunch or dinner at the summit you can eat at the "Top of the World" panoramic restaurant.


The tower has two panoramic observatories, one external and one internal. Both are located about 280 meters above the ground and allow you to have a 360 ° view of Las Vegas. The view on clear days reaches over 100 km away.

THEexternal observatory allows you to experience the thrill of looking out at the highest point of the city, while theinternal observatory, with the oblique glass walls, gives a sense of vertigo to those who look out.


Big shot

With its 329 meters it is thehighest attraction in the world. This launch tower stands on top of the building and pushes passengers at high speed to its tip, which is 50 meters higher than the base of the observatory! From above, the view is truly impressive.


It is an attraction where a car with 8 passengers on board is launched along a 20 meter ramp. At the end of the ramp the ride is abruptly stopped, leaving the passengers suspended at a height of 300 meters.

SkyJump Las Vegas

It is a controlled drop, bungy jumping style, which allows you to jump into the void from the top of the 108th floor of the tower, about 260 meters high. It is very impressive! There is the possibility to film your fall with the GoPro option… You must be at least 14 years old to do this attraction.


It is a carousel that takes the brave visitors to rotate suspended at a height of 274 meters. You sit around a sort of mechanical arm that begins to turn and move towards the outside of the tower. At a certain point the arm opens and you find yourself almost with your face towards the void.

Opening Hours

The visit to the tower can be done every day of the year. From Sunday to Thursday the hours are from 10:00 in the morning to 1:00 at night, while on Friday and Saturday the hours are from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 at night.


Ascent of the Tower with a view from the 2 observers

  • The cost of the ticket for adults (ages 12 and up) is $ 20 ($ 25)
  • The cost of the ticket for children (up to 12 years old) is $ 14 ($ 17.5)
  • For the customers of the hotel the cost of the ticket is 10 $ (10 $)

In brackets the price on weekends (Friday and Saturday) and on holidays.

Tower + Attractions Package

  • Tower + 1 attraction 25 $ (30 $)
  • Tower + 2 attractions 30 $ (35 $)
  • Tower + 3 attractions 35 $ (40 $)
  • Unlimited Pass - $ 39.95

In brackets the price on weekends (Friday and Saturday) and on holidays.

I ticket for attractions they can also be purchased at the top of the tower for $ 15 per attraction.


There are 3 packages available for bungy jumping:

Single jump package: $ 1
2 jump + photo package: $ 129,99
3 jump + photo + video package: $ 149,99

For the bravest there is the complete package which includes the SkyJump, the ascent to the tower and the various unlimited attractions at a cost of $ 150.

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