Visit the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful gardens in the city

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a one-acre green space in Miami Beach, Florida. Opened in 1962, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden displays native Florida plants and trees including bromeliads, palms, cycads, orchids, and many other species.

This green space in the heart of Miami displays native Florida plants and trees. There are special areas with gardens of various types including: a Japanese garden, an edible plant garden and a water garden.

The park is home to over 100 species of palm trees, as well as cycads, native Florida plants, orchids, flowering trees, and philodendrons.

Don't miss the Japanese garden, with turtle and koi ponds, where rare butterflies swarm between wetlands and a natural plant habitat.

Admission is free and offers beautiful walks around this lush subtropical garden, just blocks from Lincoln Road.

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden's mission is to promote environmental enjoyment, management, and sustainability through education, the arts, and interacting with the natural world.

The garden is a unique and subtropical oasis of beauty and tranquility within an urban context. A community resource that refreshes, inspires and engages visitors.

A free self-guided tour offers more information on the history of the garden and its plantations.


The main annual events that take place inside the park are: the Botanical Bazaar, the Halloween party, the Miami Beach Gardens Tour and the Garden of Taste.

Cascading fountains frame the Great Lawn, perfect for a casual picnic or corporate and social event.

Environmental educational programming is offered throughout the year in the form of free workshops, seminars and events for families.

Opening time

The park is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 00pm.


Entrance to the garden is free, although a donation of $ 5 per person is recommended.

How to reach us

To reach this park which is home to a Japanese garden, a native garden and a swain field, as well as water gardens with ponds, fountains and a wetland with mangroves and pond apple trees, it is advisable to use a car.

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