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Villasimius information and useful advice

The holiday a Villasimius it was spectacular.

4 of us left and booked a very nice apartment, in a residential area just outside the center of Villasimius (2km more or less).

So we saved a lot of money on our stay, we rented the car.

Places to visit in Villasimius

Besides Villasimius we also visited the Sardinian hinterland a bit, villages like Cala Gonone, a lot changed compared to when my parents were there many years ago, so they told me, now it is a very beautiful and popular center from which you can take ferries and reach the beautiful beaches of the Glofo of Orosei.

Then we went to the villages of oliena e Orgosolo in Barbagia.

The week went very well between swimming in a beautiful sea and lots of sun.

Villasimius beaches

Le beaches that I recommend everyone to see are, in addition to the convenient and close one of Monkey, beautiful but a bit chaotic, those of Port Rush, which is nothing more than the continuation of the previous one, with a transparent sea and fine golden sand.

Villasimius clubs and discos

The one of Punta Molentis, to be reached by car in 5 minutes, it is really close and do not be fooled by the dirt road that you have to travel, it is very short and worth it.

It is a very suggestive inlet to be reached by taking the road from Villasimius leads to Costa Rei, where you will find the indication for the Oleandro restaurant, turn left and follow the dirt road to where it ends, it is not necessary to have an off-road vehicle, you can easily do it with a normal car.

You will be amazed, the beach is divided into two parts, one on the right of gravel, less beautiful, and one part, the real beach of Punta Molentis on the left, of sand.

You will find sunbeds and umbrellas on almost all beaches if you want, for a fee of course.

We have always equipped ourselves with our umbrellas and beach towels.

There are always the classic stalls selling sandwiches, drinks and ice cream, if you want to stop for lunch.

Our favorite beach however was Cala Synzias, on the way to Costa Rei, 10 minutes by car from Villasimius, I recommend everyone to see it.

Here you can really feel comfortable on a very long and wide beach and swim in an emerald sea.

I did not believe the Sardegna really had this postcard sea.

This beach is always located on the road leading to Costa Rei.

We have not seen this last resort, having only one week available, but they say it is just as beautiful and with wonderful beaches.

Other beaches seen are Cala Caterina, the beach of Porto Luna 1 e Porto Luna 2, all very nice and with a fabulous sea.

I recommend to all those who want to spend a relaxing holiday, like the one we were looking for, this place, the ideal would be to stop at least 10/15 days to be able to see it calmly because the southern coast of Sardinia really deserves a lot. Happy holidays to all.

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