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Assisi what to see

Assisi is located in province of Perugia in Umbria and is known for being the city where they were born, lived and died Santa Chiara e Saint Francis that is the Patron of Spain and every year sees passing through thousands and thousands of tourists e faithful from all over the world.

This beautiful village is perched on top of the Mount Subasio, has remained intact over the centuries and is rich in religious places e miraculous places that not only host masterpieces di Simone Martini, Giotto e Cimabue but they also testify to the passage and permanence of Saint Francis e Santa Chiara on this earth.

Assisi what to see in one day

Assisi it is a city on a human scale in the sense that all major ones places of interest they are very close to each other so it is possible to visit it even in a single day.

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Now let's see which are the major ones places of interest in Assisi:

Assisi Basilica

La Basilica of San Francesco dates back to the thirteenth century in fact its construction began in 1228 and ended on May 25, 1253 (4 years after the death of the Saint) and considered the largest attraction of Assisi.

La Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi it is made up of two superimposed churches; there Lower Church and Upper Church which were built on a rock profile in honor of the Holy.

La Minor Church it is low and dark and is a sort of crypt that houses the remains of St. Francis and is decorated by paintings of Martini, Giotto and Cimabue.

La Upper Church it is much taller and brighter, the external façade recalls the gothic style of the region and inside it houses the marvelous cycle of frescoes by Giotto on the life of San Francesco and the beautiful wooden crucifix by Cimabue.

Basilica of Santa Chiara Assisi

La Basilica of Santa Chiara it was built shortly after his death between 1257 and 1265 and represents one of the symbols of religious tourism of Assisi.

This small church was built in the Umbrian-Gothic style and houses the remains of Santa Chiara as well as the Crucifix that spoke to San Francesco in the Hermitage of San Damiano.

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Temple of Minerva Assisi

Il Temple of Minerva was erected in 30 BC in Town Hall Square in Assisi and is thought to have been dedicated to Hercules.

This monument of Augustan art during the 500s it was transformed into the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva with the relative Tower of the People and, to date, represents one of the temple of roman best preserved of the ancient world.

Cathedral of San Rufino Assisi

Il Cathedral of San Rufino is the main ecclesiastical place of Assisi as well as the oldest church in the city.

According to the story this church was erected where there was a ancient Roman forum and where the temple dedicated to Bona Matero Ceres goddess of harvest.

Il Cathedral of San Rufino represents the finest example of Gothic-Umbrian style and is also regarded as an important place of Franciscan worship as they were baptized here Saint Francis e Santa Chiara.

Santa Maria degli Angeli Assisi

La Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Poerziuncola is located 4 km from the center of Assisi and is the second church linked to Saint Francis.

La Porziuncola is a small church housed inside the Basilica and is the place where St. Francis composed the Canticle of the Creatures, had the vision of Jesus who gave him the Indulgence and died there on 3 October 1226.

La Basilica hosts the Transit which is a stone compartment where Saint Francis I spend the last days of his life and the Roseto where the Saint rolled to fight doubt and temptation.

According to the story when Saint Francis it was rolled in the roses, these lost their thorns so it was born there Rosa Canina Assisinsis which still flourishes only in the Porziuncola.

Rocca Maggiore Assisi

La Rocca Maggiore dominates the beautiful Assisi and offers tourists enchanted landscapes.

The first construction of the Rocca Maggiore was commissioned by Federico Barbarossa dates back to 1183, was later destroyed by the revolt of the people and then rebuilt to defend the Papal State in 1365 by Cardinal d'Albornoz.

Municipal Art Gallery and Palazzo Vallemani Assisi

Il Vallemani Palace was born in the central square of the Municipality and considered as the most beautiful in Assisi.

Inside the palace you can visit the Municipal Art Gallery that hosts frescoes from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance including those of Perugino and Giotto's Majesty.

Others places of interest in Assisi I'm:

  • Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo
  • Palazzo dei Priori
  • Tower of the People
  • Villa Fidelia
  • Wood of San Francesco
  • Civic Museum and Roman Forum of Assisi

Where to eat in Assisi

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Where to have fun in Assisi

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Typical dishes of Assisi

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Assisi pictures and photos


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