Traveling to Italy: 10 unusual destinations for the weekend

A trip out of town or a long weekend: here are some tips for organizing a surprising and original visit to Italy. Particular gardens, labyrinths, ancient convents and the wonderful Costa dei Trabocchi, let yourself be inspired by the post!

Italy is a country full of surprisesand, of particular places even little known or visited. In the historical period we are experiencing, after the health crisis triggered by Covid-19, it can become safer - and fun - to choose to visit smaller and closer places and countries, but above all less crowded. In the post, we therefore advise you 10 unusual destinations in Italy for a trip out of town or a magical weekend.

Traveling to Italy: 10 unusual destinations for the weekend

1. La Scarzuola, Umbria

Here we are among the Montegabbione woods, in the province of Terni. A hidden place surrounded by greenery, you will not find the usual medieval corners typical of the area. Here there is an ancient Franciscan convent bought by the architect Tommaso Buzzi who defined it as the perfect place to host his Ideal city, full of mystical and esoteric symbols. The architect's work has surreal characteristics and aims to represent a journey into our psyche. La Scarzuola can now be visited at an affordable price, it is a private park that combines various elements: astrology, esotericism, history and spirituality.

2. Bellagio, Lake Como

This small town is worth a visit especially for the point where it stands: at the perfect intersection between the three branches of Lake Como, the one that goes down towards Como, towards Lecco and the one that goes up towards Colico.
A very nice activity to book in Bellagio is a boat tour, perhaps at sunset, seeing it from this angle is a splendid experience. The villas inside Bellagio are also very beautiful, like the very large one Villa Melzi. Of note is the outdoor garden, where you can even see a Venetian gondola.

3. Aragonese Castle, Ischia

The Aragonese Castle is located on a small island formed after a volcanic eruption off the coast of Ischia Ponte: a very fascinating story, therefore, a real one island in the island.
Definitely worth a visit is the Poor Clares Cemetery, a place with a particular history. Currently, due to Covid, it is possible to reach the castle only via the pedestrian path.
On the site dedicated to this splendid work you will find all the information you need to book a visit and prices. The atmosphere will captivate you, you will feel like you are suspended in time.

Traveling to Italy: 10 unusual destinations for the weekend

4. Visso, Marche

Visso is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located in the province of Macerata and is defined The pearl of the Sibillini. Unfortunately Visso was hit by the October 2016 earthquake.
A walk in Visso, among the dense vegetation, will allow you to discover the wilder side of the mountains of Sibillini Mountains National Park. To taste the typical products of this land, in particular we recommend all the dishes cooked with the trout of the Black river and the precious black truffle.

5. Costa dei Trabocchi, Abruzzo

I Trabocchi will immerse you in a past time, simple and poetic, they deserve a visit at least once in a lifetime. These are very ancient structures, once used for the sea ​​fishing. They are different from each other, they contain the essence of the Abruzzese soul and resemble stilt houses.
Splendid in the evening when they seem to take on the role of silent sentinels, the Costa dei Trabocchi has been loved and described by numerous poets, such as D'Annunzio who compared the structures to colossal spiders.

Traveling to Italy: 10 unusual destinations for the weekend

6. Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo, Viterbo

Un surreal place and fascinating full of statues and peculiar and bizarre constructions: elephants, dragons, divinities, monsters. It dates back to the XNUMXth century and contains medieval art, mannerism, Renaissance literature: it was built to scare, but today it is above all a place that never ceases to amaze its visitors. Of course, to visit it today you have to take into account the rules made necessary by the health emergency.

7. Fontanellato, Parma

Nearby Parla there is a huge labyrinth, a maze of over 3 km, certainly the largest in the world. In the park where the labyrinth is located, thousands of Bamboo. There are many crossroads and blind spots inside the Fontanellato labyrinth. The historic center of the town is also worth a visit.

Traveling to Italy: 10 unusual destinations for the weekend

8. Marmore Falls, Umbria

The Cascata delle Marmore is located near Terni, it can also be visited with children because one of the two paths available is suitable for them. Also for the little ones there are dedicated services: the Fantasy waterfall, a tour designed specifically for their enjoyment. The best time to visit the waterfall is in the morning when the water level is rising. Also very beautiful is the medieval village of Torreorsina, which is nearby, and from which it is possible to admire all the magnificence of the waterfall.

9. Valleys of Comacchio, Ferrara

Here you can spot and observe hundreds of pink flamingos. In fact, for about twenty years these animals have also returned to migrate to Italy. A naturalistic tour in this area is absolutely recommended, by boat, by bicycle, on foot, there are many ways to get lost in the wonders of this marshy area of ​​Emilia Romagna.

Traveling to Italy: 10 unusual destinations for the weekend

10. Larderello, Tuscany

In this corner of Tuscany, the Devil's Valley, where you can also see geysers. Larderello, with its white shower heads that protrude from the ground, is a fascinating territory that has in fact been able to inspire many poets: first of all Dante Alighieri! The shower heads in question have a specific name, are called "boracifera" and come out of the ground continuously, both through natural splits and through artificially created splits. Larderello is truly an evocative place!

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