Tour of the Amalfi Coast: Minori, Maiori and Tramonti

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What to see on the Amalfi Coast, coming from Salerno one must necessarily admire the beauties of Minori, Maiori and Tramonti. In the post everything you need to know and see for a perfect tour of this part of Campania.

The most interesting thing about the Amalfi Coast is that a few sharp bends are enough to discover a new place, a small unknown village full of history and interesting places to visit.
A few kilometers from each other there is a small cultural hub that it would be a shame not to visit if you were traveling along the Amalfi Coast, perhaps riding a nice motorcycle.


Coming from Salerno, the first of these towns you will encounter will be Maiori, one of the best known in the whole area, the only one your friends will probably know the name of when you return and tell about your holiday.
Maiori is one of the most populous towns along the seafront and boasts the largest beach on the entire coast. It is precisely these characteristics that led it to become the main port of the Amalfi Republic in the Middle Ages. The country therefore also has an important historical reality and its architecture is affected by all the various peoples who have inhabited it. In fact, a visit to the Tower of the Normans, a suggestive historical find that directly overlooks the beautiful deep blue sea that characterizes the entire coast.
Finally, absolutely to be experienced Lemon Night in August, a festival entirely dedicated to the excellent lemons produced in the Amalfi area.


Continuing to follow the road towards Naples, or even deciding to enter a small and winding path surrounded by greenery, you will find yourself in another adorable town on the coast, less known but culturally equally rich: Minori.
A peculiarity of Minori is the presence of two (or three, if you are athletic enough to climb a bit) public beaches with free access to the tourists. In these two beaches the municipality every year promotes an interesting voluntary project called Make it Blue promoted by the Acarbio association that hosts children from all over the world in exchange for help to keep the sea clean and a daily children's entertainment project.
Another must-see place is there Roman Villa of Minori, a ruin in excellent condition that represents an excellent find to understand the architectural devices adopted by the Romans in the seaside areas in order to make the most of the wonderful view.
Not to be missed is a leap from Sal de 'Riso, the most famous pastry shop on the coast where you can taste a very famous and above all excellent one Lemon delight.
Around the first half of July Minori also celebrates its patron saint, Santa Trasimena, and the great feast he prepares in his honor is truly spectacular.

Ravello and Tramonti

For the more active, those with enviable courage and a great desire to venture into the mountains, there are finally the last two beautiful villages of the small tour: Ravello and Tramonti.
The first, easily reachable on foot along a steep and winding uphill path, will allow you to admire a beautiful slice of the coast from above and get lost in the famous deep blue of the sea. The famous is held here every year Ravello Festival, active as early as June until the end of the month.

To conclude, a jump between the green mountains of Tramonti it is definitely inevitable. This coastal town does not enjoy the sea like many of the others but boasts natural wonders that are the envy of many of them. This is where the famous one seems to come from Tramontana, so called because it seemed to come from the mountains of Tramonti.
Absolutely to taste is a beautiful pizza margherita which, topped with the famous mozzarella fiordilatte typical of the country, has an irresistible flavor.

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